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5 Tips to Look for A Suitable Car Shelter

Mar 12, 2019, 6:20 pm / Evelyn Smith

So you purchase the car you have been dreaming about? That excitement and thrill of buying your own car is unbeatable. But, what about keeping your car safe? Have you thought about how you can protect your car from the element? Now is the time you start thinking about a suitable car shelter, because a good car shelter will shield your car from UV rays, rain, bird droppings, etc. Today there are multiple options available to you when it comes to buying a car shelter, but more than often it confuses the buyer about which car shelter to choose. So here are 5 things you need to consider when looking for a suitable shelter.

1. Multifunction or only as a car shelter?

In the past, car shelter seems have only one function, so if you buy one you get to enjoy only one feature of it. However, today a car shelter can perform more than just covering your car's body. Lanmodo multifunctional car shelter is an amazing option when it comes to serving several purposes by transforming into a camping tent, beach umbrella and fishing sunshade. Just imagine you are out with your family or friends and you don't have to worry about your car protection because the reliable Lanmodo car shelter is there to offer car protection; and of course, Lanmodo can give the whole family protection, too. This car shelter has been designed specifically to keep every natural harm away. What's better, Lanmodo car shelter has come up with an automatic type, just with a click of the remote control, Lanmodo is ready for you. From now on, there will be absolutely nothing that you will have to worry about, isn't that so cool?

2. Custom fit or a universal car shelter canopy?

There are two types of car covers. Here, check out the pros and cons of these two. One is the custom-fit car cover that can fit your cars perfectly and are specifically designed for it.The advantage is that such car shelter will serve the primary purpose of protecting your car. It will keep your car away from dust, wind, water, and the UV rays of the sun. But the disadvantages are that these car shelters leave absolutely no room for breathability option and may scratch off the paint from your car. You have to change the car cover if you plan on buying a new car because it is modified to serve only one car model.

The other is universal car cover that will cover up any car despite its varying size. This includes SUV, sedan, minivan, and hatchback. The advantages are that such car cover suits whatever your car model and can keep your car completely safe even if its acid rain. The con is that it should be manually installed and takes a lot of time. But Lanmodo car shelter canopy will save your the trouble as a universal car shelter that fits in various cars, because it's an automatic one. With one click of the remote control, Lanmodo is ready to use.

3. What kind of protection your car needs most?

Now, the weather changes pretty fast and almost all of them can harm the beauty and functioning of your car. When a car isn't covered the exterior part of it is damaged pretty fast. So while buying a car shelter, you must consider the local weather and then decide the protection your car need most. For example, if you often have to park your car under hot sun, then you need a car shelter that shield UV rays. In this condition, a four-season car shelter might the more suitable choice.

4. portable or fixed car shelter?

When you choose a fixed car shelter, such as garage and steel carport, it will only keep your car safe at a particular location. But it's better to protect your car all the time because weather has the potential to cause damage when you are out with your car. So portable car shelter comes into the market and gains popularity because it will provide safety to your car at all times, therefore prolonging the vehicle life.

5. A shelter for one car or more?

At last, you should consider the size of car shelter. Most people would go for a one-car shelter, but if you have more than one car to protect, then you may choose one that is large enough. So this decision is up to you.

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