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10 Coolest Car Gadgets for A Road Trip

Mar 13, 2019, 11:20 am / Evelyn Smith

From gadgets designed to keep the interior clean and tidy to life-saving devices, the market has been bubbling with a lot of cool car gadgets. Whether you're looking for smart ways to keep your phone fully recharged on the go or smart ways to connect your device to your car, there are just enough in the market to make your road trip a better one. Below is a collection of our top 10 coolest road trip gadgets for you.

1. A dash camera

With the desire to record all the happenings on the road trip even when you drive, the dashboard camera is certainly a cool addition to this year's collection. The dashboard camera comes in different designs and sizes. The most advanced ones are designed to capture up to 4K image resolution. With this little device, you can not only store the road trip experience in your brain, but also recall this by sitting comfortably at home and run a playback of the whole drive.

2. A car emergency kit

We were very excited when this product first hit the market. It is certainly a life saver. You never know how bad road emergencies can be until they hit you at night or on a lonely road. All thanks to the ingenious vehicle emergency kit that consists of small useful tools that can save you from stress and confusion during an emergency situation. It also comes with a bright flashlight that can come handy at night for both signaling and sight. The car emergency kit is certainly a must-have for every car owner.

3. Rack-mounted road shower

Driving for a long time, especially in the summer, can be really stressful. Sometimes you have the urge to take a cool shower to calm down yourself. The road shower is just what you need. You can also do then dishes and even wash the vehicle. The road shower can hold up to 10 gallons of pressurized water which you can choose either hot or cool.

4. A multifunctional car shelter

For car owners who like to provide car protection as well as more road trip activities, thelanmodo multifunctional car shelter is certainly a must-have gadget. This car shelter, as the name implies, offers a variety of functions. It is designed to protect your car when parked outside because Lanmodo consists of a solid frame structure, which is also portable and easy to install. It comes with a remote control that opens the device in less than 10 seconds. One amazing fact about this product is the fact that it doubles as a camping tent and outdoor umbrella. Lanmodo car shelter also provides a USB port for charging your phone and plugging in LED lights to offer light at night. Lanmodo is truly an all-in-one device for a wonderful road trip.

5. Car air purifier

We all enjoy the freshness of the air both inside and outside the home. The case is certainly no different when it comes to how we treat our car. We want the air in our car to remain as fresh as the morning dew. Car air purifier can make life a lot easier for you while you take a long trip. It keeps the air fresh and makes it much easier to breathe. It is one small gadget you need to try out.

6. Portable power bank

Most modern cars are designed with a USB port that makes it easy to keep your battery recharged. What if you are not in the car and the phone is out of battery? Well, the portable power bank offers you the same opportunity to recharge yoru mobile devices on the go. Depending on how long the road trip will take, you can buy a power bank with suitable capacity, as you know, the more its capacity is, the heavier it becomes. This little device is certainly an important travel companion to have in your backpack.

7. Bluetooth in-car speakerphone

Who says you can't answer the call while driving? The Bluetooth in-car speakerphone is designed to save you all the time of trying to pull over and answer you're important calls. This is one of the latest addition this year that makes driving a lot safer and convenient. No need of distraction from trying to answer the phone while driving; just get your phone connected wireless and answer your calls. The most fabulous feature about this addition is that the call answer button is placed right there on the steering wheel.

8. Car mount holder

Driving and trying to find your way all at the same time can be tasking. The car mount holder makes it easy for you. It is designed for mounting your phone on your dashboard or windshield while driving. Accessing the map is a lot easier now.

9. Handpresso coffee maker

I call this device the “coffee man's handyman.” With this device, enjoying coffee no longer ends at the home, you can take your delicious expresso on the road trip and enjoy it when you feel tired. This small device is designed to work with your car cigarette lighter port and a 12-volt socket. You can now take your coffee making skills everywhere.

10. Car kettle boiler

If you're a camper or a traveler, this is one product that can save you all the stress of finding hot water. All you need is just 12v car adaptor and you will get that water boiling in no time. You can now get your water boiled the old fashioned way while on the road.

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