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Why It Is Necessary for Car Owners to Get Portable Car Shade?

Mar 6, 2019, 6:04 pm / Brian Lageose
There is no more reason to expose your car to the damaging effects of the sun when there is a way to avoid it. There are many car shades in the market for you to select from. Each brand comes with unique design and features. Some are built with gigantic size and weight making it difficult to be carried from one place to another. Most of the traditional car covers are built to be used at a place without being moving from one point to another. But, when you want a movable car cover, you should consider portability. You need a portable car shade in your work place, at home, camp ground and others. Among other brands, lanmodo has most portable shade for car in the world.

Part 1: A Portable Car Shade Makes Your Car Always Cool

When it comes to portability in car sun shade, Lanmodo is the best brand in the market. It is both automatic and fordable. Therefore, it is very easy to be used anywhere and anytime when there is need for shade on the car with automatic features. Maybe you have forgotten the dangerous effects of summer scotching sun heat on cars. That may be the reason you have not been planning for a shade over your car. Remember that summer is almost around the corner. The high temperature associated with summer is dangerous not just on human but also on the car. The hot heat can be harmful to human and can completely damage the exterior part of your car. The solution to all these is simply Lanmodo car shade.

Part 2: A portable Car Shade Keeps Car Roof Clean

There is no need to go for the car sun shades that can take over entire space in your vehicle when you want to embark on a journey. That is reason portability should be considered when you want to buy a shade for your car. The portable Lanmodo car sunshade can be put into your car trunk with ease without occupying much space. It is useful for prevention of bird droppings, leaves as well as fallen objects. Being made of 210D oxford cloth, the Lanmodo car sun shade can easily be washed when stained. Maintenance and washing is never a problem with Lanmodo product. Therefore, car owners do not have to worry about constant washing of their cars. You can make use of this car cover for many days in beach, or camp ground without need to wash it.

Part 3: More of the Functions of Lanmodo Car Shade for Outdoor Activities

Apart from covering your car from summer sun with Lanmodo car sun shade, there are many other outdoor activities it is made for.
  1. It can be converted to a beach umbrella. What you simply need to get this done is to fit extra camping stands on the cover and you will be able to use it the beach. The exciting thing is that it is even large enough to cover you and your friend or family members.
  1. Use Lanmodo Car Shade as Camping Tent
Lanmodo car shade can serve several purposes at the same time. The functions range from covering your car to converting into big family camping tent. It can even accommodate up to 7 people comfortably at a time.
  1. Lanmodo Car Sunshade Is Also a Good Outdoor Power Source and Device Charger
Lanmodo is built with exceptional and several innovative features that made it good for several outdoor activities. It is built with a USB port located close the suction base. From here you can easily plug in your LED lights or charge your device. Also, if you are planning good night fishing and looking for the right cover that can supply light, Lanmodo is the answer. This is a good outdoor dancing and camping party that can make your party truly enjoyable and memorable. In fact, there are to the outdoor activities associated with Lanmodo. You can discover more about it when you get one today. You are going to enjoy more time outdoor when you make use of this wonderful car sun shade cover produce by Lanmodo.

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