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What Add-on Should to Get For Your New Brand Ford Car?

Mar 13, 2019, 8:16 pm / Evelyn Smith

Although the modern cars are already so well equipped that they cover most needs of any car owner, but still some add-ons not only improve the looks but also come handy in many situations and different kind of driving experience. In this article, we are going to discuss some add-ons and their benefits for your Ford car. These add-ons will contain car protection products like Lanmodo all-weather car cover and entertainment gadgets like bluetooth.

But first of all, we need to ask ourselves-

Why you need an add-on for the car?

An add-on can make your car's style quotient high. Example decor stripes for your Ford make it stand out on the road or in traffic.

Ford car add-ons like Performance Shift Knob with blue Ford RS logo can increase the driveline performance of the car and make it convenient more efficient to drive. With these add-ons, you get extra from your drive and make you feel wonderful when driving.

Now after establishing the purpose of an add-on, the next question is-

What's the best add-on for your car?

Few add-ons that serve a practical purpose are-

1. Sat Nav

A satellite navigation system can serve a necessary purpose of guiding the driver to reach the desired location and make the driving route between destination more efficient, hence saving on fuel as well. Sat Nav is handy when exploring new city routes or traveling on unknown routes.

2. Night Vision Device for Cars

You may have heard about night vision devices that known for military use, and it seems hard to get one since your car doesn't originally equip with. But it is true and you can't never get one if you don't afford a luxury car? No, you can go for it for your car. The automotive night vision system from Lanmodo is an good add-on for your car. It not only helps to broaden your night vision at night driving, but also helps you see clearly in foggy and rainy days, thus keep you drive safer. Beside, this car night vision device is easy to set up, you can install it on the dashboard or hand on the windshield. Because of its active and near infrared feature, it provides 1080P high resolution and full-color image which is different from those originally equipped in cars like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, whose night vision images are black and white.

3. Bluetooth

Bluetooth in a car can play music through your phone and can serve as hands free when receiving a call, making the drive safer. The phone automatically connects to your car Bluetooth, and you are ready to receive any phone call; listen through your car speakers and the phone mic helps you to send your voice to the caller.

4. Ford Car Floor Mats

Ford car floor mats come in various custom sizes. These mats help to save your floor from mud and dust that comes in with the shoes inside the vehicle. Custom size helps to place the mats easily in your Ford car according to the car model. There are plenty of options when it comes to floor mat types for each car model.

5. Godrej Car Air Freshener

Godrej Car Air Freshener will always make your car smell good even when it's reeking of bad odor. You can't wash car interiors or clean them every day, and sometimes this can affect the smell inside of your car, it can be a pretty bad. Godrej Car Air Fresheners come in many varieties. Just mount the small container on your car's dashboard and enjoy the smell of fresh lavender fields.

6. Lanmodo's All-weather Car Cover

Lanmodo's all-weather car cover will protect your car from all the harsh weather conditions when parked outside. From extreme heat to chilling snowfalls, your car can cope with all the elements easily if Lanmodo car cover is installed.

It is super easy to maintain and clean. Even easier mount and install. You just need a few seconds using a remote control to set it up.

Lanmodo car cover serves purposes beyond your imagination. When you are not using it to protect your car, you can also use it as a yard umbrella combined with a stand to spend a quiet evening with your family or have a party in the yard with your buddies. Perfect for summer holiday time in your yard. Similarly, you can use it for beach umbrella sipping your favorite cold beverage on the beach under the shade. Your fishing camp gets better with this car cover near the lake shore.

Lanmodo also allows you to express yourself by custom printing on the fabric. It can be anything: your name or your company logo or any design or pattern you like, all these will custom print for you.

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