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Ultimate Guide to Car Exterior Accessories

Mar 13, 2019, 2:28 pm / Evelyn Smith

It's no doubt that you love how your car looks with its flawless paint job, rear/front ends and clean lines. While it seems that everything is perfect in your car's exterior, sometimes you would want to make some modifications and add some accessories to enhance its appearance and usability. You might want to protect your vehicle's clear coat with a new car cover or change the look of your front end with billet grille on the bodywork. Adding some exterior accessories can up the ante of your vehicle. Here are some of them:

1. Car Alarm Aystem

Cars are big investments, possibly after your home. That is why in the present time, you should consider the safety and security of your vehicle as important as the safety of your home. Installing a car alarm system will protect your car from being stolen and will give you peace of mind knowing that your precious car is safe from criminals. There are also some devices available in the market that can further improve the safety of your car, such as wheel locks and wheel lock clamps. These devices prevent the car from moving. Car alarms may also aid in lowering your insurance premiums.

2. Tractor Hitch

Tractor hitches are usually installed on minivans; pickup trucks and full size SUVs and they enhance the usability of the vehicle. Today, tractor hitches can serve more purposes than just hooking up a tractor for towing.

3. Roof Rack

Roof racks consist of a set of bars that are installed at the roof of a motor vehicle that give you more load capacity. They can be used to carry luggage, bicycles, various containers and other bulky items that can't be accommodated inside the car trunk. Roof racks are ideal for people, who carry a lot of luggage while traveling. In addition, when you transfer some load to the roof rack, you will be able to balance the weight of your car, as you drive instead of trying to fit them all in the cargo compartment.

4. Snow Chains

Snow chains are devices that you can fit to your car's tires, to provide as much as possible traction, when you are driving on a snowy and icy road. It is dangerous, when your car tires lose their grip on the road, since it may cause your car to slide. It is during winter that you should always be prepared to deal with hazardous road conditions. Using snow chains can get you safely to your destination, especially when the roads are a pain to motorists, due to heavy snowing.

5. Car Covers

You maybe among the many car owners, who do not have the luxury of a garage or any indoor parking space and the only option that you may have is the street or outdoor parking.

Lanmodo car covers are the best protective car covers that you can find out there, as it can provide your vehicle with four-season protection, be it spring, summer, autumn or winter. Therefore, the protection you get is all year round. With extreme durability that comes from the innovative fiberglass rod support and 210D Oxford materials, Lanmodo can withstand all the elements of weather including hail, snow, rains and the UV sun rays. They are also easy to use, requiring only few seconds to install and fold/unfold. The folding mechanism also allows the car cover some portability, so that you can easily carry it, whenever and wherever the car needs to be parked.

Beyond protecting your car, a Lanmodo car cover can also perform some other functions with the aid of extra stand and side canopies. It requires very less effort to be transformed into a beach or fishing umbrella, a camping tent or a party tent and even to an outdoor theater. These exterior accessories are ideal tools in enriching your outdoor life.


Not every car sold today comes with the necessary exterior accessory. It is up to you to think what you need. There is a range of items available in the market that can improve your car's usability while providing the necessary protection and also add to the looks of your car.

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