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Top 5 Outdoor Protective Car Covers on Market 2016

Mar 6, 2019, 5:02 pm / Brian Lageose
You can see a wide range of protective covers for cars on the market these days, which differ in design, shape, size, and functions. Below, you can find out more about five outdoor protective covers for car that are considered to be the best ones in 2016.

1. Cartman Car Cover

This is one of the most popular car covers in 2016. It is a budget-friendly car cover that is made from waterproof polypropylene, meaning you can keep your car or truck safely under this cover during the rainy days. Cartman car cover is convenient to keep your vehicle out of the hazard elements. It is available in different sizes in order to ensure that every driver gets the correct fit for his vehicle.

2. ShelterLogic Monarc Car Canopy

The next cover protection cover is ShelterLogic monarc car canopy. This simple canopy/shelter is ideal for those living in a warmer climate to keep their automobile protected from the harmful sun rays. This cover is also suitable for regions with occasional snow and dusting, but it isn't effective in windy conditions.

3. Budge Duro Car Cover

This well-reviewed protective covers for cars is strengthen with reinforced seams and it is UV-stabilized as well. Therefore, it is highly favorable in windy areas, since its can resist storms and strong winds.

4. OxGord Signature Car Cover

This cover is completely waterproof. The mix of fleece and poly ensures that the air can pass between your vehicle and the cover. Besides, this car cover is equipped with the special tie-down grommets that make sure it will not blow when the wind start blowing.

5. Lanmodo Protective Car Umbrella

This Lanmodo mobile umbrella for automobile protects your car against excessive sun and ensures a comfortable temperature wherever you are parked. If you leave the car in front of the house or in the parking lot under the strongest sun with this product, you will be able to cool down your interior car temperature. Besides, this advanced car protection cover can protect your car from bird dropping, acid rain and leaves.
  1. Quickly set up and even faster opening this umbrella, with remote that has strong wireless connection transmission and with the umbrella itself, which manages batteries for the full month, will make your life easier to the maximum.
  2. If by any chance you want to take a break on the road and take a nap in your car but you cannot find a suitable place under a tree or some shade, immediately use this portable auto car umbrella and provide yourself a treat for an afternoon nap in the shade of what no tree ever can provide you with.
  3. This car cover for sun protection is able to reduce the temperature 98.6°F (36°C) inside the car in the summer, the difference that you will surely get a term when you open a car that you have left in the sun for a long time.
  4. It is windproof, rainproof, and dustproof. It can withstand strong wind with speed of 13m/s (61km/h).
  5. You do not have to worry about rain, wind or dirt, or the thief because the team that made this miraculous gadget device added a phenomenal protective anti-thief system against thieves in the form of belts with wires in them, which are very difficult to cut through and remove.
  6. You can find Lanmodo car umbrella in different colors and designs and you can order custom one if you want to make a fashion state.

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