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Top 3 Types of Car Covers for Winter

Mar 13, 2019, 11:34 am / Lara

During winter time, cars that are left uncovered are vulnerable to damages. Snow can freeze not only the engine and the windshield wiper, but also the car door handles. Besides that, your car can also be susceptible to damage brought about by the rock salt that is used on the road, where snow starts to accumulate. Using winter car covers is a great way of providing your vehicle protection from the effects of severe weather conditions. Because there is a great number of this product that is available in the market today, we would like to give you the top three types of car covers to help you make an easy choice.

Top 1. Lanmodo Automatic Car Cover

  1. A Lanmodo automatic car cover for snow is an innovative product, thus it is completely different from what you usually find in the market. It has been built with new and creative features that makes it stand out among other car protection items.
  2. A Lanmodo car cover has an auto-folding structure. You can open it and close with a single click on the remote device, even from a distance of 98 feet. This feature makes the car cover known for its portability, which means you can transport it in your car trunk. It will give your car protection anywhere, anytime.
  3. A Lanmodo car cover is great to use for protection mostly in winter. Its canopy which is made of 210D Nylon Oxford fabric is of high quality, durable and has the ability to withstand hail, snow and other falling elements. In addition to that, the military grade fiberglass support makes the car cover in winter stable, so that it cannot be moved in any direction by the strong wind.
  4. The anti-theft design of the Lanmodo winter car cover is another great feature that makes it clearly better than its competitors in the car protection industry. With strong suction cup and the strap with steel wires inside, the cover continues to be stable, fixed and impossible for someone to run off with. Another point is that the car cover can only be operated by remote control, so without this device, a person will not be able to take it away.
  5. Apart from protecting your car from snow, the Lanmodo car cover also offers multiple functionality. It means that by adding extra stand and canopies, you can use it as a shelter, when you go outdoors for camping, fishing or partying with your family and friends.

Top 2. Traditional Car Cover

These are the customary and usual car covers for winter that can either be mass produced or custom-made. The most common ones are those that are like plain cloth that cover the vehicle's entire body. Traditional car covers are made of different fabrics, some thick and heavy and some are lightweight. When shopping for this type of car cover, you need to pick the one that best suits the car that you will cover it with.

While these types of covers can give your vehicle protection from snow during winter, take note that it requires manual operation. You must exert effort in putting it on and off your car and might even need help from someone else in doing so. Also, if you use the heavy fabric, you might face issues regarding it's bulkness and its storage once folded.

Top 3. Stationary Car Cover

This type may be considered a perfect cover for your car to protect it from the elements of winter. These car covers for snow are typically framed with long, round and hollow steel tubes and water resistant materials that cover the complete frame. Usually called carports, these covers give assurance that your vehicle gets the protection it needs, even in slightly harsh weather conditions.

As this car cover is stationary, it cannot be moved or relocated to where you might need to park your car. This is one downside that a car owner should consider, when shopping for a winter car cover, because even if it offers durability, easy usage and complete protection, its benefits becomes limited because of it being not portable. When you drive outside, it is not very easy to find a suitable place to park your car and have it protected.

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