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The Definitive Car Cover Buying Guide

Mar 13, 2019, 11:27 am / Evelyn Smith

A great number of cars are being damaged through various means, yet only a small percentage of car owners/drivers are using car covers. Here is some information that could help you form an opinion about how vehicles are damaged and lose their value and so you can make a decision on how they can best be protected. This buying guide is important because cars are not just small investments; in fact they are second to owning a house. We would like to make you knowledgeable about providing protection to your precious possession.

Why Use a Car Cover?

Car covers are created to protect vehicles from the weather and anything that can do damage to it. Some elements that the car needs to be protected from are bird poop, leaves, dust, hail, snow, acid rain, the sun's UV rays etc. Car covers may also serve in discouraging and preventing thieves and vandals from stealing or doing some damage to your car. Even if these offenders are intent on stealing your vehicle, they will get caught before they can remove the cover and take your car away.

Actually, a good quality car cover can prolong the life of your car, without losing much of its value. Therefore, if you would like to resell it, the potential buyer will know that you've taken care of it well and may very likely proceed with the purchase of your vehicle.

Main Causes of Paint Damage

Car paint that are manufactured these days use state of the art technologies that make them durable and hard to damage, seemingly. However, do not get fooled into believing that the paint can last forever, as there are lots of ways by which your car paint can get degraded.

  1. the UV rays from the sun are among the major causes of damaged paint.
  2. tree sap can strip the car's protective surface, when it is allowed to drip into it.
  3. falling leaves that contain tannic acid and pollen can stain the paint.
  4. road salt, sleet and snow that come with winter may also damage your paint job.
  5. the minerals from the rain and the salt from the sea may cause water spots that can be hard to remove.
  6. dirty cleaning clothes that contain contaminants, such as dust and dirt may scratch the paint, while you are cleaning the car.
  7. the act of scraping snow from the car.

What to Look For When Picking a Good Car Cover?

When your car gets damaged, it obviously will not look great and may also start to show some mechanical issues. This is why it should be protected from damage to maintain its good appearance and running condition. To provide your vehicle protection, especially when you do not have a garage is to purchase a good quality car cover. These are the factors that you should consider to be able to determine which car cover will suit your needs.

  1. The quality of materials used should be given careful thought. Many different fabrics are used in making car covers and your choice should depend on the climate that it will be subject to and whether you will use it indoors or outdoors.
  2. To make sure that you are getting the best car cover, consider durability, ease of installation and use, portability, size and weight, when folded and stored should be a good fit.
  3. A good fit means that the cover should be able to secure the entire body of the car, without rubbing against the paint. It should be large enough and extend all the way from end to end of the vehicle.

Consider Using Lanmodo Car Cover

Lanmodo car cover meets all the qualities that you should look for in a car protective cover. It is made of durable 210D Oxford cloth for canopy and military grade fiberglass for stand and support. These materials are very strong and cannot doesn't sway with the strong wind or rain. The car cover remains firm and is not likely to get blown away.

This product will protect your car completely, because it shelters the entire body. It is also a 4-season protection cover. It means that no matter whether it is summer, autumn, spring or winter, the Lanmodo car cover will prevent elements, such as UV rays, falling leaves, bird droppings, hail and snow, dust, acid rain etc from damaging your car.

A Lanmodo car cover has a folding mechanism. It is portable, which means it can be easily moved from one place to another. You can use it both indoors and outdoors. Unlike the traditional car covers, Lanmodo is fixed with anti-theft belts to ensure that it cannot be stolen from the car when parked on a street, especially for a long period of time. In addition to that, the Lanmodo is operated by a remote control devise and without it, stealing it is next to impossible.

While a Lanmodo car cover is designed primarily for car protection, it can also serve multiple functions. With help from additional stand and canopies, this car cover can easily transform into an outdoor tent. You can use it as a beach umbrella, a backyard party tent, a fishing canopy, a camping tent and so much more, making your outdoor activities fun and enjoyable.

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