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How to Choose the Best Auto Car Covers

Mar 6, 2019, 4:50 pm / Brian Lageose

It had been a while since cars have started to be an integral part of peoples of different economic levels in the society. In a busy day, you might not be able to give your car enough care it needs, and that's why you need something like a portable car tent. The auto car covers can do more than what it looks like. A simply looking umbrella on top of your car can do multiple advantages for you.

Part 1: Why is it important to choose an auto car cover for your vehicle?

It doesn't matter where you go, to the office in a normal day, to pick your kids after the school, to a trip with friends, or to a family outing, you name it your wheels are always there with you. Maintenance of your car doesn't simply mean the occasional engine services or cleaning, but the way you take care of it each day. If you want to protect your car from the bad weather conditions and other threats, this product is right for you. Whatever the circumstances might be, our car will always be placed very high on our list of prized possessions.

While it is agreed by all that getting a car is quite a hectic, tough and demanding course, it is also very pertinent that it is taken care well. Due to mass production of automobiles, today roads are being bombarded with various types of vehicles, and accident rates are ever increasing. Although there are road safety laws and safety signals on the road, these precautions aren't enough to reduce the accidents rates. Therefore, an automatic car cover is useful for both new and old car models.

Part 2: How to choose automatic car umbrella for outdoor use

There is a wide range of car covers on the market these days, so it is not easy at all to select the right one. However, most of these covers are intended for indoor use, while just a few of them are suitable for outdoor use. This significantly narrows down your choice. Here's what you should take into consideration when looking for outdoor car auto covers.

First of all, it must match your vehicle in terms of shape, size, and the general appearance. As far as the features, this foldable product has to be made from the high-quality fabrics, which give them a high durability and resistance to severe blows. Also, it must be waterproof, fire retardant, and environmentally friendly as well.

When it comes to the size of this car cover, there is an option to order a custom size for this product, which will ensure that the car cover fits your vehicle. No matter of their big size, everyone can use them easily in just a few minutes. If an automatic car cover is lightweight and has a small packing size, you will be able to carry them with you everywhere you want. So, you are advised to take this suggestion into account when purchasing a car umbrella for outdoor use.

Further, this car cover should be easy to set up. For that reason, you need to choose 'one click setup' car covers because their installation is very quick and easy as well. Easy installation and simple use offer no worries for their users.

Part 3: Lanmodo Folding Auto Car Umbrella

Lanmodo is an automatic and semi-automatic designed umbrella for your car. It has a wide range of application which helps you optimizing the working of it for your car, but the main reason of this umbrella is to lower the heat effect in your car.

When not in use, the Lanmodo umbrella is very easy to carry around with you. It can be easily rolled and its size decreases to just 85 centimeters with its weight just about 6 kilograms, this making it really easy to place in your car and take it with you on the go. Amazingly the small size changes into a lot bigger one, exhaustively. The small 85-centimeter roll can be opened up to cover the whole of your car. The dimensions of the umbrella, when wide open are extremely far-reaching, at 2100mm x 3500mm. These extensive values show how easy it is for the product to cover and protect your car.

In the long list of the benefits of Lanmodo car umbrella, the most staple, and the pivotal benefit is that when used with the car, the value of the temperature can be seen to drop amazingly to a temperature difference of up to 36 degree. The amazingly handy and aerodynamic design of the umbrella also provides the assurance of stopping direct sunlight. Even if the tent would get hot, the airflow will still maintain the low temperature inside the car. This advanced Lanmodo car umbrella also protects your car like a shield. Any kind of dust or the most annoying bird droppings on the clean roofs of the cars can be prevented by using this product.

Finally, this product is available in custom sizes and in custom shapes, too. Therefore, you can buy it according to your car dimensions. You can also order a color and other details as well. Why not try it? Your car will be grateful!

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