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A Guide for Getting a Nice Car Protection Cover

Mar 12, 2019, 4:44 pm / Evelyn Smith
If you are a proud owner of a car then for sure you will look for the best car protection cover for it. It seems that there are never enough public carports for maximum drivers to park and protect their cars in a secured way. As a result of which, most of them prefer to choose a car protection cover for cars. But sometimes it is hard to choose the right one from a variety of car covers. There are few things that you must know before you shop for car covers. This is going to be a helpful car cover shopping guide for you.


There are many types of materials which are used for the making of the car covers. The popular among them include:
  1. PVC material: PVC is dust-proof and rainproof, but not sunscreen or scratch resistant, and it can only be used on one side.
  2. Single coated material: Well this material offers the same functions as PVC, but it's light weight and more durable.
  3. Double coated flame retardant material: Covers made of this material are fire resistant in nature.
  4. Nano flame retardant material: Use of nano-composite synthetic fibers, car covers made in this materials are flame retardant.
  5. Lajin flame retardant material: This material is formed to resist burning and withstand heat and it burns slowly if it get fire.
  6. Fabric material: Car covers made of this material are always light weight, more durable, easy to clean and comfortable to cars.

Brand picking

Next in line is the available brands of car covers in the market which you need to check. Some of the biggest and trusted car cover brands are Leader X guard, OxGord executive, Budge Lite, Lanmodo, Motor Trend and many others are there. Out of the above mentioned ones Lanmodo car canopy is a trustworthy brand. The car canopy is designed in a unique way to offer best protection to your car. It is easy to operate just by using a wireless remote control. It has more features than you can imagine.

Performance and application

All brand car covers come with some unique features. You need to check if you selected cover can well protect car from bad environmental elements such as dust, falling objects, rain, wind and storm. Your selected car cover should have more functions and should not be just a car protection cover only. You can find many amazing features when you go with Lanmodo car protection cover.

Price comparison

Good features, great quality and best performance are not only the features that you should look for. You also need to compare different products' prices,you can estimate in your heart which will be your choice and then go for the one which is a perfect combination of quality with affordable price. Lanmodo can offer you the perfect package of quality with price. Although it will be best for you to make a budget before you go for it.

Service attitude

You need to go with the brand of car cover which can offer you an intimate and thoughtful service and must be more able to capture your heart. The company should be the one which can offer you immediate service whenever you face a problem with your car cover.

After-sale policy

One of the vital points which we cannot overlook is the after sale policy of the company from which you are buying the car covers. Ensure you check the warranty policy and replacement policy. Go with that company whose policies are customer centric and have good reputation in the industry.

Personal hobby

If you are fond of any specific color which you want to have in your car canopy then look for such companies which can offer you the scope of customization.You must get the scope to choose your favorite colors, patterns etc for car covers. Car protection cover which offers customization will give a good experience to you. If you are looking for such type of cover then go with Lanmodo made car protection cover only.

Hope the above points can actually act as a helpful guide for you. Besides being an exceptional quality car cover, Lanmodo car canopy can also be a beach side umbrella, camping tent and a perfect outdoor protection cover for your car at any location you want. Go ahead and invest in quality cover for car.

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