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A Review of Different Car Cover Materials Available In the Market

Mar 13, 2019, 11:27 am / Abigail Williams

Getting worried about your car is easy when you do not have a good cover for it. But, the difficulty is to know the ideal car cover concentrating on some factors. Let us take some time to explore some popular materials used for car covers and to find out the one that is ideal for your car in any season. You are going to discover that cotton and plastic material is mostly used in the manufacture of a car cover. So, it is good to consider which of them is good for you whether cotton, plastic car cover or other.

Plastic Car Covers

Car covers made of plastic dominated the market many years when there were not many options for car owners. It comes with many advantages and disadvantages, which car owners need to know before deciding to go for it.

  1. Cheap: The car covers made of plastic material are cheap enough compare to the ones made of other materials.
  2. Convenience: The convenience of users is always assured with car covers made of plastic, which help to increase its popularity.
  3. Lightweight: You are not to be overweighed when you want to carry your car cover made with plastic material as it is lightweight.
  1. Not solid: The fragile nature of plastic material is what made this type of car cover not desirable. It is not solid and does not last for long.
  2. Cannot protect your car: Your aim of buying car cover will be defeated if you go for plastic material as it cannot protect your car.

Cotton Car Cover

After the plastic covers for cars, another common one is the cotton car cover. The cotton car cover is of different types and designs. You will find different types to select from in cotton vehicle covers. You are going to be sure of full coverage of your car when you go for this specially made car cover. It does also come with advantages and disadvantages, which buyers need to know about.

  1. Fully cover your car: With different sizes of car covers made of cotton, you can get the one that will guarantee full coverage. You will be able to get the car cover made of cotton for your car without leaving any part exposed.
  2. Lightweight: The truth is that many car owners usually prefer car cover made of lightweight material. That is why car covers made of cotton material get popular among car owners. You will not be overweighed when you want to setup your car cover with its cotton material.
  1. Cannot use in harsh weather: The cotton material does not withstand the effect of harsh weather. So, if you buy a car cover made of cotton material, you may need to continue replacing it after being exposed to harsh weather.
  2. Not waterproof: Another downside associated with car cover made of cotton is that it is not waterproofed. In that regard, your car will still be prone to wetness even when it is covered with this kind of cotton cover. To avoid that, you need a waterproofed car cover.

Lanmodo Automatic Car Cover with Fiberglass Material and Oxford Cloth

Lanmodo automatic car cover is the best car cover you can ever find in the market. Lanmodo auto car cover is made an updated version to other car cover brands in the market. The flaws in the plastic and cotton vehicle cover corrected in the Lanmodo car cover.

Some of the Key Features:
  1. Strong enough for harsh condition: Unlike the plastic and cotton car covers, the Lanmodo car cover is made with fiberglass material and Oxford cloth. These materials are strong enough to withstand harsh conditions.
  2. Easy to use: Ease of use is the first noticeable feature you need to know about Lanmodo. Its complete installation takes about 30s by one person. Even your little child can open and close Lanmodo with a simple press on a remote button.
  3. Four-season usage: The season of the year notwithstanding, your car will be perfectly protected when under Lanmodo automatic car cover. It works perfectly in Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn.
  4. Fit in any vehicles: No matter the kind of car you are using whether hatchback, sedan, minivan or wagon, Lanmodo auto car cover can guarantee total coverage. It is even suitable for jeeps and other bigger cars.
  5. Multi purposes: Not only cannot use Lanmodo auto car cover to protect your car, but also for additional purposes. You can use it for outdoor activities such as beach party, camping, outdoor theatre and many more.

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