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Ways to Congratulate Your Friend on Buying A New Car

Mar 13, 2019, 11:32 am / Lara

A new car is one of the most prized possessions anybody can have. Not only the material possession itself but the occasion is a memory for life. So what better than a gift for your friend and the gift for their new car. Most gifts for the car are just for the sake of making an impression; most of the time they are kept aside without any practical use. But what if the gift like a Lanmodo portable car canopy that not only makes an impression but also proves a vital accessory for any new car owner. Let's have a look at some considerable new car gifts, how vital they are and which are the most applicable ones.

Card Blessing

A simple card with wishes is a more conventional way to express your feelings when your pal is getting their new ride. This is light on the pocket and can help make a more emotional connection with your friend.

Small Camera or GO PRO with Dash Mount

In 2013 many Russian dash cams in the vehicles captured the meteor that hit the city of Chelyabinsk. It's a trend in Russia to have a dash cam owing to an accident on the road, in which case the recordings act as a piece of evidence. Not only the negative aspect, but it's the era of online vlogging and what's a better gift than a dash-mounted camera to become next Casey Neistat.

Smartphone or GPS Dash Mount

Dash mount for smartphone or GPS device is a practical and more useful gift. This gift can save your buddy from being ticketed making their drive safer.

A Jump Starter

A fully charged jump starter is something that comes in handy in case of car's battery dies. A new car might not face such problems but in adverse conditions, the battery might need a jump start which can prove lifesaving.

GPS System for Navigation

As a new car owner might find it difficult to navigate and drive through the hectic city roads. A latest GPS navigation system solves this problem and the driver can focus on driving rather than asking for directions.

Driving Gloves

Driving gloves can be a great gift for any car owner, especially the ones who are very passionate about driving their new shiny ride. Gloves can do two things: protect the hands from cold winter and protect the steering wheel from greasy oil marks that appear after long use.

Other Considerable Gifts

  1. Perfume
The new car is always full of smells that may be harmful to the riders by giving them a headache and makes the car unpleasant to sit in. While perfume or sachet is advised to freshen the air inside the car and make the journey pleasant.

  1. Interior decoration
Anything to decorate the interiors, some LED lights, dashboard mounts, and dashboard-mounted toys can give the joys of well-maintained interiors.
  1. Fresh flowers
Fresh flowers may not last long but can be a great gift for the new car as they can freshen the air with natural fragrance.
  1. Lanmodo portable car canopy - A perfect car protection gift
A portable car canopy can prove to be an amazing gift for the car owner and their car. In that regard, Lanmodo portable car canopy is an innovative brand car shade canopy. Operated by a remote control, easy to set up and opens within seconds. The portable and foldable design feature in a small package makes it easy to carry and store.

Unlike other gifts for car mentioned above, a portable car shade canopy can protect the car from harmful elements such as hot sunshine, fallen leaves and falling objects anytime anywhere. You can customize it with your friend's name or her/his favorite image to make it more suitable as a gift to show you friendships.

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