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Top 7 Gifts for Car Lovers

Mar 13, 2019, 8:24 pm / Lara

The season of Christmas and New Year is about to arrive and we are sure that you all will be planning for some surprise gifts for your near and dear one including your partners and families. Is there something unique in your mind this time which can be useful for your gift recipient? Getting confused and don't know what to select? OK, let us help you with some ideas if in case the closed one is an absolute fan of cars and have some with them which they love dearly. For car lover there are some good gift ideas which we will share with you now.

1. Driving Recorder (Dash Cam)

Driving recorder, also known as dash cam, will be a unique gift for your car loving partner. It is basically an instrument which is used for recording the information of images and sounds on the way of a vehicle. It records the time, speed and location of the car while it is on driving mode. It will help in monitoring traffic behavior to ensure self-interest of the driver who can select a less traffic route based on the information shared by the device. It is designed to help in parking control and prevents car thieves from making an attempt to steal. People who like self-driving can also use it to note the process of conquering difficulties and obstacles.

2. Reverse Car Parking Sensor

The next we have in our idea list is car parking sensor. It will help you to make sure that the parking reverse is safe for your car. It supports in making accurate measuring of the distance between the rear and the nearest obstacle. At time of reversing to a limit distance, a sharp warning sound can be issued to alert the driver to the brake. It will give repeat voice warning to remind pedestrians that the car is backing or making a difficult move.

3. Vehicle Navigation

Vehicle navigation or an automatic navigation system is an important part of the car controls. It can also be a third party add-on which is used to find direction in an automobile. It basically makes use of a satellite navigation device for getting its position data which is afterwards correlated to a position for the car on a road. It helps in simplifying Map, Route Planning and Navigation for you drive. Its entertainment function support multimedia equipment to make your drive an entertaining one.

4. Portable Car Canopy

It is not just a luxury to have a good quality car cover for your car but it is also important for your car protection. There are many companies which are manufacturing portable car canopy but undoubtedly the Lanmodo car canopy is the ultimate choice for you. You can operate it just with the use of a remote and can even carry it with you wherever you go to keep the car protected in parking mode even when parked under open sky. It will keep the car protected from hail, rain, snow, bird droppings, falling objects and many other things. If you want the cover can also be used as a camping tent, beach or fishing umbrella. So in short it is a multifunctional canopy which is definitely an ideal gift for the car lover.

5. Seat Protection Covers

The seat should always be comfortable for the driver to drive safe. For that you must take care of the seat protection too. Keep your car seats clean and protect them well with good quality seat protection cover.

6. Car Audio

Listening to music while driving makes your drive more interesting and pleasant then why not you go for a car audio this time as gift. Go for a standard AM/FM tuner, the preamp should give the advantage of simple volume, fader, balance, source selection, besides tone adjustments. Make sure choose a car audio with good quality amplifier.

7. Exotic Driving Trip

If your friend or beloved is in love with car trips then why not take him or her out for an exotic driving trip? It will be an amazing, exciting and happening gift for him/her and trust us they will love your choice of gift. Pay attention to the fact that all entertainment factors are available in your trip and your car is fit and healthy to take you all on a safe trip.

Plan you gift today as the festivals are knocking at the door.

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