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Top 5 Materials Car Canopy for Your Vehicle

Mar 6, 2019, 5:45 pm / Evelyn Smith
This article is going to discuss the top car canopy Materials. It is going to discuss metal car canopies, wooden car shelters, PVC car shelters, and the different metals for metal car canopies such as aluminum car canopies and steel car canopies. It will also discuss the Lanmodo car umbrella.

Part 1: Stable Heavy Steel Car Canopies

Metal car canopies are typically traditional permanent car canopies. They are typically made from either steel or aluminum. A steel car canopy is designed when the softness of aluminum is a problem. Steel can corrode in poor weather and acid rain but it has the advantage of being able to withstand high wind speeds, something which the softer aluminum has a problem with. It is cheaper than aluminum and is also used on a budget. Steel can often be painted to protect it from the elements, or the more expensive stainless steel which will not corrode. This is the most common metal car canopy you will find.

Part 2: Good Material Aluminum Car Canopies

The aluminum car canopies are designed for people who have a bit more money to spend and where their car will not be exposed to high and fast winds. Aluminum is more expensive than steel, but it will not corrode as steel will and it is easier to assemble. They can also be easier to disassemble if required. If you are not on a budget and do not have harsh winds, aluminum is the best way to go.

Part 3: Temporary Use PVC Car Canopies

A car canopy made of PVC is typically used in mobile applications; a car canopy which can be disassembled and reassembled with ease. They are often much lighter, but are not designed to stand on a long-term basis. They are cheap and cheerful and will work well for this purpose. An example of a PVC car canopy is below:

These are typically a good all-rounder for short to medium term and for camping trips and can also double up as a party tent! Over time the elements can damage these though so they are not good for long term or in high winds.

Part 4: Nice Home Stylish Wooden Car Shelter

Wood is another material often used for car shelter. They are often do it yourself kits and they can be used long term or erected as a temporary structure. These are great for a nice stylish addition to the home, or temporary car shelter for building sites, etc. An example of a wooden car shelter is below:
These are great for driveways, your home, building sites, or even a good addition to a log cabin! They are resistant to winds when built properly. When painted in a protective substance such as wood varnish or creosote they are resistant to the elements and can sometimes stand longer than some metal ones. Wood can be expensive or cheap depending on the material. Oak is very expensive compared to pine, for example and pine is the most common type you will see.

Part 5: Qualified Portable Lanmodo Car Umbrella

The Lanmodo car umbrella is made of multiple materials. This includes Nylon cloth, with a fiberglass solid structure and uses rubber suction cups to attach to the car. An image of the Lanmodo Car Umbrella is below:

The advantage of the Lanmodo car umbrella is the ease of putting it up for a single person, can be folded to 85cm in length and can be used all year round. They are great for those who like a stylish look and who like to cover their car when they are at work as well as at home or wherever they may be traveling.

The Lanmodo car umbrella also needs very little building and set up time, taking 30 seconds to build and takes 8 seconds to open out with the remote! They have many convenient features. By combining the multiple material benefits and being portable, the Lanmodo car umbrella is the ultimate choice for a car canopy, which takes the advantage of the metal carport canopy, wooden car shelter and a PVC car shelter and rolls them into one.

Your car metal surface will be kept up to 35 degrees C cooler in hot climate, no more burning yourself when you touch it! The remote on the Auto model makes opening and closing the umbrella trivial. There is a Semi-Auto model without the remote also.


This article has discussed different car canopy materials. Steel is good for areas with high winds and long term structures, Aluminum is good for long term builds with less wind, PVC car shelters are good for temporary car shelters, camping, etc. Wooden car shelters can be used as either a temporary or permanent structure and can be bought as DIY kits or even assembled yourself and they can look fancy for the home, they also have a long lifespan.

Lanmodo car umbrellas are a stylish transportable car umbrella which offers the benefits of different car shelters and is mobile so can be used anywhere! We hope this article has been an informative insight into the different car canopy materials!

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