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Top 3 Best Car Paint Protection Products

Mar 12, 2019, 4:46 pm / Abigail Williams
Buying a new car is the dream that many cherish. But a new car needs more protection from harsh surroundings to keep it the way it came for a long time. Car paint protection products not only protect your car's paint from losing its shine but also resist small scratches from chips and rocks. Road debris itself contributes to some brutal marks on the surface of your car. Therefore, to protect your car is much important and for this article, you can know 3 car paint protection products in the market and you can chose them to protect your car.

Car paint protection film

It is also known as the body invisible protective clothing and is one of the best car paint protection products. It includes hood film, fender film, mirror film etc.. It is a high-performance film that is comprehensive in its protection from harsh environmental elements like UV rays and dust particles which diminish the shine of the car paint. Car protection products like car paint protection film are light and transparent with super toughness; it can even prevent damage from acidic impurities leading to corrosion. Even the toughest of the machines like helicopters need protective film on their blades to protect its layers from sand particles in the air. Cars get worse as they are closer to the ground and not only sand but pebbles and rocks can damage the outer layer and marks can appear, so they need more protection. With thickness less than a millimetre, car paint protection film is almost invisible to the eye and protects the paint from air contact, keeping its shine from badly environmental elements.

This kind of protection film is environmentally friendly, does not produce any toxic side effects on the human body and nature, and is viscous and transparent. It is applied to the car paint and can effectively brighten the car paint and last for a long time. But it may turn yellow and fall off when it used too long.

Fitted car cover

Car covers are very commonly used worldwide for car protection from dust, rain, and damages caused by sharp objects like knives, nails or keys. It's an outer garment made of cloth or other flexible and wear-resistant material according to the size of the car.

To some extent, it prevents thieves from stealing, avoiding theft of items in the car and other parts. If specially treated fitted car cover can be flame retardant to prevent the fire from destroying the car. Although car covers offer full protection to your car, but they have bad effects on your car too.

On one hand, fitted car covers are generally used for one car size and cannot be used with other shapes and sizes. So if you have more than one car or you want a new car you have to purchase the fitted car cover again specifically. One the other hand, if the car cover is of low grade, it will harm the outer layer of your car instead of protecting it. Its inferior inner material will create friction to car paint each time it is being put on or taken off. In windy weather, these kinds of covers start to flap on hence damaging the paint.

Lanmodo Pro car canopy

Among the car protection products, Lanmodo Pro car canopy is one of the most innovative and ahead of the curve product. It looks like a big umbrella over the car without its surface touching the paint of the car. It helps to protect the car surface from hail, rain, high temperature, intense UV rays and dust particle and falling leaves. To operate it is very esay, even your kids can install it by using a remote control.

Being windproof and waterproof it takes care of most of the harsh environments to your car. It is almost suitable for all car sizes and its installation creates an anti-theft system that keeps it as well as everything in your car safe.

There are many car paint protection products around some conventional and some non-conventional. Best car paint protection products like car paint protection film are innovative and non-conventional. Fitted car covers, on the other hand, are conventional and there is room for improvement with some innovation. With the need for improvement and requirement innovation leads to products like Lanmodo Pro car canopy that is superior in many ways than the conventional less innovative past products.

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