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Portable Car Canopy Buying Guide

Mar 12, 2019, 4:33 pm / Brian Lageose
Portable car canopies are becoming more and more popular. This is just for the reason that no matter canopies is a great idea for all sorts of outdoor gatherings, not to mention that in this article all the basic guidelines are there to make sure that you buy a perfect portable car canopy for you. Cutting to the chase, there are a plethora of things to think upon before choosing a portable car canopy such as its size or the material used to make it or its type. To this end, I must assert that all the aspects are discussed in this article.

Types of Canopies

To begin with the types of car canopies, there are just two types of car canopies. One is lightweight and the other one is heavy duty canopy. As its name suggests, a lightweight portable carport canopy is light in weight because it is made of aluminum and as a result of which there is no issue of rusting. Adding up more, they are inexpensive as compared to heavy-duty portable carport canopy. Where heavy-duty canopies weight for more than 40pounds and not easier to store but in case of strength, these are made of iron which is suitable for long-term use. For instance, Lanmodo portable car canopy is an automatic canopy which completes all of these requirements.

Finding the Right Size

Moving further, Size is also an essential thing to think upon which many buying guides focus on. Well, portable carport canopy come in 5-6 different sizes based upon customer's choice. Also, the size is usually suggested according to the shape of the vehicle or the place surroundings where it is to be used for. Normally, the size of 4.8M x 2.3M is preferred the most. Make sure that it fits your car size or if you need more space to be covered then choose portable carport canopy of larger size. Not to forget, Lanmodo portable car canopy is suitable for most of the car models.

Construction Materials

Aluminum is the most common to choose from for its lightweight, durability, strong anti-oxidation ability and rust free nature. However, owing to its less weight, it may bend easily. Next come to the iron and steel, as both are stronger and suitable for long-term use, along with this, they can be used in harsh conditions like heavy winds or rains. Also, iron and steel frames are available at affordable price. Having said that, both types of frames may have an issue of rust as well. Carbon is another material used for making portable car canopy frames that are lightweight, strong as well as long lasting but this material is too expensive. Probing towards the cover of the portable car canopy, Oxford Cloth and Canvas are two materials which are waterproof and durable. Other than this linoleum is another kind of material composed of oil and cloth which offers resistance to moisture and is waterproof but it can easily catch fire due to its oily nature.

Needed Assemble or Accessories

So, what about assembling your portable car canopy? According to most people, assembling it is a waste of time and energy. Therefore, there is a perfect solution to this problem. Lanmodo's portable car tent is automatic. It is operated by a remote control and kids friendly too. Accompanied by the automatic feature, a portable car canopy must have some extra qualities. That includes some charging ports, extended battery life or enclosed by an extra sidewall or an extra stand to adjust size. Other than this, you can also check for a kit for proper maintenance of your portable car canopy. Eventually, Lanmodo portable car canopy provides all these things.

Other Uses

Lastly, I must talk about other uses of a car portable car canopy. A portable car canopy keeps your car cooler in warm conditions and can reduce the temperature inside the car by approximately 15-20 degree Celsius. Asserting more on this, they can be employed for small functions or backyard parties. Also, it can be given a furnishing look to your backyard, where you can sit and enjoy your drink under. Not only this, protection is the major thing which a portable car canopy can definitely give. By protection, I mean protection to your car.

Choosing Without Fear

Conclusively, in a nutshell, earlier you choose, earlier you use it and earlier you get the better result. Whether you buy it online or in the store, I hope this guide can help you. In the end, I must agree that Lanmodo portable car canopy is well suited in all conditions.

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