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How To Get The Right Car Shade Canopy

Mar 6, 2019, 5:02 pm / Evelyn Smith
When you are at home, your car is typically stored in your garage and is safe there. However, for those who do not have a garage or who have multiple cars, using a car canopy is crucial. Also, you should pick the right type of car shade canopy, depending on weather you are a business, traveler, or just want one for your home! There are many different types of car canopy. The first we will discuss is the Traditional Car Canopy.

Part 1: Traditional Car Canopy For Stationary Using

A traditional car canopy is the type of canopy you can build outside. It will typically resemble a small structure outdoors to cover the car, and is typically built long term. These are typically one of the cheapest types but are designed to stand long term so will handle many seasonal cycles. They look like the below example: These are commonly used in some public parking spaces for employees, businesses or for second cars outside one's own home if they have enough space. They will withstand a lot of weather and temperature cycles. These are the most expensive type but are also permanent. The car can also be secured with these by a chain or other security method to give an additional layer of security from car theft. The next section will discuss mobile car canopies.

Part 2: Mobile Car Canopy For Temporary Request

The mobile car canopy is like the traditional car canopy, but it is more mobile and can be disassembled and reassembled easier. These canopies are typically used on family outings such as camping. An image of one is below:

These are often a bit cheaper than a traditional car shade canopy, but are not intended to be used as a permanent structure. They have the advantage of being able to be moved around easily and will protect the car from weather and sun. They are not intended for long term, due to slow weathering and the UV light from the sun can make the material brittle. These do have the advantage of also being an ideal party tent when you have guests round!

They are versatile and can be easily moved when required. They are not permanent structures, but they will stand for a long time without disturbance.

The next type of canopy to be discussed is the Lanmodo Umbrella Car Canopy.

Part 3: Lanmodo Umbrella Car Canopy Available Wherever You Need

The Lanmodo umbrella car canopies look like an ‘umbrella' which covers the roof of the car. They are well suited to travelers or those with not much space at home. The typically resemble this:

They are rarer to find than a standard car port canopy, but they do have a more ‘high class' and professional look and have the advantage of being able to be used where space is limited, compared to a traditional or mobile car canopy and can be transported anywhere.

When packed, these are very small, only 85cm in length. They are ideal to use at work or at home or anywhere else. These also automatically expand, so one person can easily set it up. There are two versions of the Lanmodo carport canopy, the Semi-Auto and the Automatic. It takes a mere 8 seconds for the umbrella to open with the remote controller that is provided. Your car will also be kept cooler in a hot climate by shading the car from the sun. You can also personalize the car umbrella with many different designs!

Part 4: Conclusion

This article has discussed the 3 types of car canopy. The car shelter canopy you choose will be different depending on your needs. If you run a business and wish to provide one for your employees etc. the traditional car canopy is recommended. If you want one in a regular sized home, or for long camping trips etc. the mobile car canopy is a good suggestion. For frequent travelers and those with limited space, and who wish to have one of the best carport canopy on the market, the Lanmodo car canopy is the best choice as it combines the best features from the above two and is easy to set up.

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