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Fixed Car Canopy vs Mobile Car Canopy

Mar 11, 2019, 5:15 pm / Lara
Just like any other assets in your life your car is very precious to you. You want to give the best protection and care to keep it safe from any damages, dirt or dust when it is in the parked state. A car canopy plays a very important role in this regard and protects the car from all possible scope of damages when stationed outside your house. There are 2 types of car canopy which are available in the market. One is a fixed car canopy and the other one is a mobile car canopy. A question will surely come to your mind as which one is the best, traditional or the mobile one. Here we are making an attempt to make a comparison between the two.

About the Fixed Car Canopy

You can find its presence majorly in residential buildings, villas, corporate houses, schools, shops, stadiums, factories, government agencies and other private or public places.
  1. It is a fixed structure which needs to be installed outside your residential unit
  2. The process of installation is complicated and you need to take help of 2 to 3 persons for getting the installation done correctly
  3. Gives the guarantee of protecting the car when it remains parked at home only
  4. A fixed canopy with a membrane structure, a steel canopy, and an aluminum canopy looks like a piece of art. You can use it as a perfect spot to host some casual party with friends and families. The fixed canopy besides protecting the vehicle also gives a beautiful visual look. It's soft, curve, rich shape, white and flawless, appearance makes it long lasting and durable
  5. It can't offer the needed protection outside if your car always goes out
  6. Cannot alert the owner of the car in case car theft happens

About the Lanmodo Mobile Car Canopy

Lanmodo mobile car canopy is used in mobile vehicles, electric tricycles, tricycles, electric vehicles and other mobile vehicles. In short, it is ideal for all vehicles.
  1. The main materials which are used for making this canopy are fiberglass , metal, Oxford cloth, plastics, etc. It is sturdy and durable
  2. It costs you low and still a very popular product in the market when compared to traditional car canopies
  3. It is easy to take down and store. For installation, you will need no more than 30s and for opening and closing 8s by using a remote controller
  4. Maintaining the canopy is quite easy and you can clean it using water pipes
  5. You can carry this canopy wherever you go as when folded it occupies a little space in your car trunk. You can keep your car under shade even when you go for an outdoor location with the support of this mobile car protection cover. For those who want to give a long time protection to their cars in an outdoor location, this canopy will be the best choice for them
  6. There are many more alternative uses of this canopy. In an outdoor location, you can use it as a tent especially in the case when you are out camping. It can accommodate 6 to 7 adults
The Lanmodo mobile car canopy is an innovative mobile car protection cover that is worth buying. If you want to recommend us the best canopy which matches the demand of today's car owners then go for Lanmodo mobile carport canopy. If you are looking for customization in the canopy then you can request for the same. You can also use it for mobile advertisement for your business or brand.

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