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Car Protection Film vs Lanmodo Pro Car Canopy

Mar 11, 2019, 5:23 pm / Lara

Your car is one of the highly expensive possessions you had with you and you want to give the best care to keep it functional and high-performance giver on road for years to come. Here comes the need of car protection products which are available in the market in varieties. Too much variety of car care products actually makes you confused to decide the right one for your car. It is really hard to say what's the best or worst car protection products till the time you are not aware of its features. Whatever may be the product you choose for your car protection the car protection film and Lanmodo Pro car canopy will actually give you a different experience.

What exactly makes 2 products different from each other? Learn about it......

Car protection film

Paint protection film or car protection film also known as a clear bra, clear film and even as clear paint film is basically a thermoplastic urethane film which is directly applied on the painted surface of the new as well as for used car also. It is used for protecting the paint from getting damaged due to stone chips, bug splatters, and even from any other type of minor abrasions.
  1. It is a transparent protection film which supports in putting your car under locked care even on the road
  2. It is a high-gloss product and so enhances the look of the car paint by giving it a clean shiny and elegant look
  3. The film protects the surface, from bug's damage, shielding it from all climatic changes and abrasion
  4. The film remains invisible and so it enhances the complete exterior look of the vehicle. The cleaning process of the car remains the same even after putting the film on the surface
  5. It's water and scratch proof
  6. Removal of the film after few years time should be done as with the passage of time the color of the film will turn yellow and degum. The process of removal is not difficult and can be done by any auto expert
  7. Honestly speaking, the cost which you need to bear for putting the film on the car surface will be expensive when compared to any other car protection or Lanmodo Pro car canopy. But it's true that it will restrict the cost which you may need to bear for repairing a scratch or any similar damages on the surface for many years

Lanmodo Pro car canopy

As the name suggests Lanmodo Pro car tent, is a perfect tent designed for the car having the ability to protect it from all natural damages when parked outside in any location, be it at home or outdoor.
  1. This car tent is just like a big size umbrella placed on the car roof. It is lightweight and can give full coverage to the car when parked outside
  2. It is a four-season car protection cover that protects the car from damages all the four seasons, which means protection from rain, hot sunshine, snow, bird drops and many other natural elements
  3. Lanmodo Pro car canopy fits all types of cars and vehicles, be it big or small
  4. The automatic Lanmodo Pro car canopy can make life easy for you:
    1)You can automatically open and close it by using a wireless remote control. It takes 8 secs time to open and close respectively.
    2) The cover is portable in nature and foldable too. It takes a small space to store at home or even in the back of your car. Because of the Portable feature, you can take it anywhere and can protect your car in outdoor locations.
    3)It comes with an anti-theft system which keeps your car safe when parked outside.
    4)It has a mobile charger which you can use to charge your devices or even to light up at night.
    5)Keeps the temperature of the car interior cool. It can cool down the car temperatures up to the extent of 36 degrees during hot weather.
    6) It can be used as a tent for outdoor location in case you are out for camping, fishing or even as a beach-side umbrella. It can accommodate 6 adults safely to offer shelter.
In the end, we can say that both the products are having their own set of contribution towards protecting a car when parked outside. PPF ensures to reduce the level of damage to the car exterior and is a good product for protection of your car. On the other hands, Lanmodo Pro car canopy not only protects the exterior of the car from damage, but also from theft. It takes care of the car interior too besides having other alternative uses for outdoor entertainment. Whatever you buy, it is necessary to know in detail about them and make a purchase plan in advance.

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