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5 Must-haves to Help Make Your Driving More Fun

Mar 13, 2019, 2:01 pm / Lara

Driving can either be fun or a rather frustrating adventure depending upon how well prepared you are per time. It is however vital to recognize that there are a few things you must have to ensure that your experience is a worthwhile one. It should be noted that anytime is a good time for hitting the road, things such the beautiful scenery, the sounds and many other factors that make driving on road a rather rewarding experience. This article seeks to show you a few of those things that should help make your journey worthwhile and more fun.

Social traffic and navigation apps

No matter how conversant you are with the road, a little extra help doesn't hurt a bit. There used to be a time when people were heavily reliant upon a trick pony device just for them to be able to find their way in and around the city. However, there has been a whole lot of changes in the industry over the past few years. A number of Android and Apple devices are now able to give you concise maps and traffic information.

It is also worthy of note that social navigation apps are seemingly on the increase as well. Here are a few apps you can use to enjoy a self-driving experience: Waze can offer you real time routing based upon traffic and road information while Twist and Glympse are tools which has the capabilities to help your colleagues and friends know your exact location. And there is the Plotter Social Maps which helps you create and CrowdSource maps on your phone to make your ride easier.

Favorite music

Fact is that nothing makes a journey more enjoyable like having good music on replay. Having your favorite music on replay has a way of making the journey less stressful and more fun. It is however pertinent to note that you have to be careful when driving with music because it can in addition to making your journey less stressful it can also make it quite risky. You should have it at the back of your mind that different people respond differently to music. Keep an eye on the music volume and ensure it won't influence safe drive when you are driving on the road.


Without a doubt, sunglasses are great at protecting one from glare while driving which implies better visibility thus ensuring that everyone is as safe as possible while making use of the road. Conditions of extreme brightness as well as reflections can without a doubt impair visibility especially when driving and may lead to unnecessary accidents. Also, if you wind the window down, things such as dry wind as well a dust are some other things you may have to contend with. Sunglasses as simple as they may appear have a way of providing protection from each one of these conditions. Ensure to make the choice of sunglasses that have lenses that resistant to impact and of polycarbonate make. Sunglasses can certainly go a long way to ensure that your eyes do not get tired thus making the drive more pleasurable.

HD camera

As you travel on the road, there are a couple of wonderful things you are bound to encounter, this makes it imperative for you to get a device that should help you record the events and scenery per time. A HD camera is a must-have comes in very handy in this very regard. As you go from stop to stop, you may want to capture the birds and the blue sky as well as other things that may capture your attention on the way.

Portable car canopy

When on the road, it may be quite a challenge locating a parking lot while, this is even more of a challenge owing to the fact that more often than not, you are only able to have your car parked outside for a large part of the day. This exposes it to certain conditions such as rain, high temperatures, hot sun etc.. In this situation, a portable car canopy such as those made by Lanmodo will be the best security for your car.

Lanmodo portable car canopy helps to shield your car when it is parked outside. It comes with automatic control and it is quite easy to carry around, it also comes with additional features such as a USB port which can be used to charge your devices. It can also be made use of as an outdoor tent just like a tent for those who may want to take a rest.

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