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Are You Looking for a Large Camping Tent for the Whole Family?

Mar 12, 2019, 4:25 pm / Evelyn Smith

Family camping is an ideal way of making good memories, while having fun in the great outdoors. Therefore, you should be finding a nice camping ground and start making preparations, including reservations, good recipes for camping and your packing list. Everything is good, until you realize that you don't have a tent that is big enough for your family to be accommodated comfortably. Before you stress about it, know that Lanmodo car umbrella can solve this seemingly important issue. It can transform into a large tent for your family, so that you can enjoy the outdoors in peace.

Lanmodo Camping Tent is the Perfect Choice for Families

Camping tents come in many shapes and sizes. Some tents are good for single campers and some are great for a large group of family or friends. Some are elaborate and have complicated designs, but the Lanmodo camping tent is different. This a tent, you can share with your spouse and kids without sleeping in crowded conditions. The Lanmodo smart camping tent surely meets your family's requirement. Having too small space to sleep in can lead to frustrations and sleepless nights and you don't want to spoil your outdoor activity in this manner. So gather up your better half and children, put all your camping things in a basket or bag and set out on a journey. After a long day, you can comfortably settle for the night in the Lanmodo tent that has been set up in a nice camping ground.

Lanmodo Outdoor Camping Tent is Super Easy to Set Up

While Lanmodo is not an instant pop up tent, it has an unique and fantastic design that makes it easier to set it up. It will take you only a short time, less than a minute. It relieves of the hassles you used to face, when you were using your old tent. The tent is just 6kg in weight and 85cm size, when folded for better carriage. Its portability feature is necessary for easy transport, so that you can use it, everywhere you go camping. Lanmodo is not just a simple overhead protection. With extra stands and side canopies, it can go all the way to the ground. Additionally the tent is created to increase performance, so it is made more durable and more resistant to the wind, while being as lightweight as possible. Lanmodo outdoor camping tent for the family is an innovative product, which deserves all the accolades it can get.

Lanmodo Camping Tent is Surprisingly Sturdy for a Tent of This Shape and Size

The general quality of materials used in Lanmodo camping tent is a significant matter. It has a structure that is made from military grade fiberglass that makes the tent strong enough to withstand anything that is thrown its way, including heavy rain and windy weather. While nearly all tents are made of nylon, the canopy of the Lanmodo one is made of a triple layer 210D Oxford fabric that is waterproof and also easy to clean and wash. Additionally, apart from being able to provide weather protection, the tent can handle years of use. This outdoor camping tent is typically more durable and sturdier than smaller tents because of the tough materials that are used on it. It is unlikely that it will be blown away by the wind because of the extra weight.

Lanmodo Outdoor Camping Tent is Multi-Functional

Besides performing as a car umbrella that gives your car the needed protection from the elements and bad weather, the camping tent may also be used as a beach umbrella. This is an all-in-one unit, and it comes with everything that you need, such as extra camping stands to turn it into an appropriate beach umbrella. It will provide you with a great sunshade during your beach holiday. If you love to go fishing, a little rain or the strong sunshine should not stop you from doing so. If you simply fit your Lanmodo car umbrella with stand, this alone will give you ample protection from the harsh weather. You can also do fishing at any time of the day or night because the tent has a USB port that allows you to have a LED light and charge your electronic devices as well.

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