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5 Cool Car Accessories Ides for Christmas Gifts

Jul 1, 2021, 7:00 pm / Abigail Williams

We have a plethora of car accessories which are both equally important in servicing a car. It's that time of the year when Christmas bell is heard. You made a promise to present your loved one with a car accessory. For real, buying a Christmas gift for car lovers is one of the toughest assignment. You'll find out that the good ones are expensive or the recipient will not love it.

But, don't worry whether it's related to Christmas gift or random present we'll crack it for you. So, let's get into the nitty-gritty of some 5 cool car accessories ideas for Christmas.

1. Automobile Data Recorder

The automobile data recorder is a camera mounted on the dashboard or windscreen of the vehicle. It's one of the perfect car accessories ideas for Christmas or for a normal present. It has gain popularity in leaps and bounds since a lot of drivers have benefited from it. Some have been equipped with cutting edge technology like GPS amongst others. The benefits of data recorder are as follows:

  1. Capture lifetime memories
  2. Remember the meteor that passed on Russia territory in 2013, the video on YouTube went viral. It manages to get a million views, but do you know it was captured from the dash cam of a vehicle. That gives you a glimpse of how powerful the gadget is in a drivers road life. We also have scenes that sparkle enthusiasm and are more captivating when on a road trip. Using the high definition cam, one can keep records of those lovely moments for feature memories.

  3. Peace of mind at car parks
  4. Some rage drivers might just knock your car at the car park and vanish. Many incidents of theft occur at the car park without drivers knowing the culprit. With the automobile recorder, you will have a chance to know every little detail.

  5. It fosters faster insurance claim
  6. They always say,” facts speak for themselves “cam crash is a weapon for facts. The HDR videos will be able to present you with details concerning the location, speed and time of the incident. This will enable you to gather concrete evidence for faster processing of insurance claim.

2. Night driving assistant

With numerous merrymaking at night during Christmas season, a night driving assistant is inevitable. Many drivers find themselves worn out, sleepy and unable to focus on the road. That's why cool night vision gadget works magic.

Night driving assistant will guide your loved one to drive safely at night. Now in the market, only luxury car has built-in night vision system and it is black and white image, not high resolution. Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system not only provides 1080P high resolution, but also offer full-color image, the driver is capable of getting detailed pictures of the surrounding.

It has been spotted that, the type of assistance provided is impact by distance visual acuity. For our gadget, Lanmodo night vision assistance, you'll have 45° HD wide angle view up to 300m. That means the driver is able to make a clear judgment and make the upright calculation. Knowing the road situation in advance helps in reducing accident by a wide margin. Another boost the designers used is the 8-inch IPS screen, which is friendly to the eye. The car gadget is easy to install, you don't need mechanic assistance.

3.360° Rotation magnetic car phone mount

In several states, answering the phone while driving result in punishment. But, due to negligent some people forget and answer the phone while driving. Such a move is dangerous to the driver and people on board.

We have 360° rotation magnetic car phone mount which helps drivers answer calls while driving. The gadget use neodymium that provides stability even in bumpy areas. You can mount it to the dashboard, air vent or windshield. They are the perfect driver's assistance system that minimizes the chances of an accident.

4. Car Fridge

There's no exception on this, people drink a lot during the festive season. When two or more people meet to merry and party, they mix food and drinks. That makes the body dehydrate which is why water and soft drinks are important.

The perfect idea is to present a portable car fridge for your loved one. The technology has advanced those portable fridges can cool and warm food and drinks concurrently. They serve many purposes such as during campers, long distance traveling and festive period.

5. Wireless Kit

We are living in a digital age where cutting edge advances come day and night. A car Wireless kit can sparkle your loved ones and brings new life to their cars. We have wireless Bluetooth receiver USB Audio receivers that can make driving enjoyable.

They have inbuilt MP3 decoder chip where you can play music via the car stereo. The Bluetooth can automatically switch to hands-free when you're receiving a call and goes back to music.

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