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5 Useful Car Accessories to Keep a Comfortable Daily Drive

Jul 1, 2021, 5:42 pm / Abigail Williams

A car is a part and parcel of life for many people nowadays. It is routinely used for work and personal purposes and has become an absolute necessity for many. Unfortunately, car accidents are not a rarity. In fact, it happens quite often. The question is what can be done to prevent these mishaps from occurring. Apparently, technology has the answer.

There are quite a few car accessories available in the market that can make the daily drive comfortable and safe. If you are wondering what they are, this article might prove to be beneficial for you. The best 5 devices for the above-mentioned purpose has been mentioned below -

Car night vision camera

The first one on the list is the one that addresses driving at the most unsafe time of the day, that is, at night. Visibility is reduced and people also tend to be careless and drive fast at this time. A car night vision camera can be very beneficial in this aspect.

Most luxury cars come with this internal device. However, this has an impact on the cost of the car directly and it increases the price by quite a lot. An external night vision camera is a better option in that case. One company that has really been making the headlines in this particular aspect is the Lanmodo. Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision camera is easy to install, cheap and comes with superior quality camera. The images of high clarity, contrast and color are captured by the 7 layer full glass lens and displayed on a screen. Thus, the driver gets a heads-up about what lies ahead of him or her and can drive accordingly. It can greatly help reduce the chances of accidents at night.

Wireless charging mount

Imagine you are on a long road trip and your phone, which you are mainly using for navigation gets discharged completely. It can be a disaster in no time. A wireless phone charger mount can be a life-saver in this situation. The charging is mainly through a coil with no wires involved whatsoever. Moreover, the bracket is designed in such a way that your phone gets locked in it. You do not need to worry about it falling even during humps or bumpy roads. The charging mount can be fixed anywhere like the Dashboard, Windshield etc. You can also use it as a viewing platform for convenient viewing.

Bluetooth key finder

If you are someone who keeps misplacing small items, especially your car keys, this gadget can be a boon for you. It is a tiny device that you can attach to the keychain of your car key. It is loaded with Bluetooth which can get connected to your phone. In case you cannot find your key, you can ring up the device through your phone and locate it immediately. It uses the latest technology and keeps upgrading for better service.

Blind-spot mirror

Just like your eyes, your car side mirrors have a blind spot too. If anything falls in this area, it may become impossible for the driver to see it clearly. So what does this he or she do? The most common mistake here is to turn the head and look. Statistics say that there are quite a few accidents each year related to this blind spot. A blind spot mirror solves the problem though. It is an additional mirror that gives a wider view of the side and the rear end and you can see what lies there without any hindrance. Some side mirrors come with it while some don't. The good news is you can buy it at a regular car shop for a very cheap price and stick it yourself. Though this accessory is small, the utility of it makes it an absolute must.

Dash camera

This is another device that is related to your safety while driving. It is generally mounted near the front windshield and continuously records what is in front of your vehicle. If you get involved in an unfortunate event like an accident or an argument with someone, you can use the dash camera as evidence. It is very useful for insurance claims as well. There have been quite a few instances when the rarest of rare events have been recorded on a dash camera and have been posted later. It is not necessary to set it up on the front windshield only though. You can do so on the side or rearview mirror as well, according to your convenience.

Once you get the aforementioned devices for your car, your daily drive will definitely be a more comfortable and safe one.

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