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It Is Time To Enhance Driving Safety With Car Night Vision!

Jul 1, 2021, 5:53 pm / Abigail Williams
Driving in the dark is certainly not that easy. According to surveys, 40% of the total collisions that have ever occurred happened in the hours of darkness. The primary reason behind this is none other than a reduced visibility, and lack of clarity, thus, making it difficult for the driver to estimate distance appropriately. Other common issues that add up to this challenge is a dirty windscreen. Dirt particles on the windows will automatically increase the glare from other vehicles, thus, making it even more difficult to see through! Why driving at night is harder? Following are a few reasons that may contribute towards your difficulty in night driving:

  1. Low light: Can't help this though! Driving in areas with low light is indeed a trouble. It becomes really difficult for anyone to drive in areas with a low light, all due to the fact that the eyes find it tough to distinguish between the gauge distance and avail a contrast sensitive eyesight. The mostly observed reason behind such accidents in low light areas is that it becomes difficult for the driver to identify a pothole or a pedestrian ahead on the road.
  1. Glare: Our eyes find it tough, and thus, takes a long span of time in adjusting the glare that come from the headlights and street signs. As a result, it becomes harder for one to see through the road ahead. Much before the eyes could even recover, the drivers are compelled to counter the 'driving blind' scenario.
  1. Reaction time: Driving during the night may decrease the reaction time for a driver, thereby making it difficult for the individual to take up safe decisions which would otherwise lead to a disaster. It is said that a typical driver usually has to make 20 decisions in a mile. Also, a driver usually gets less than even half a second to act so as to restrict a collision or proceed towards it.

How Lanmodo night vision camera increases safety level?

Now that you have already equipped your car with so many devices, did you ever consider night vision into it? To enhance your visual clarity at night, and help you get a better vision, this Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision camera is supposed to be a nice-to-have safety feature. It gives unparalleled vision of the road at night time. It is certainly meant for everyone who has got a lot to drive during the night or have eye-related problem.

In brief, it is a self-contained high-sensitivity night vision camera with a plethora of features. It comes with an 8'' IPS screen so as to assure you with a comfortable view without any restriction. The 1080p high resolution picture promises you to fetch a view that is real and clear. There's no possibility of getting blur images which could otherwise become fatal. The device features a 36°wide-angle vision to ensure that you get a broader view than naked eyes. The vision angle is wide enough to fit almost all width thereby preventing you to obtain a narrowed vision – a common cause behind the most severe accidents.

Last but not the least, the camera features a 300m/984ft night vision range without any interruption so that you are able to see quite a major distance ahead of you. Besides, the simple setup provision of this device makes it absolutely easier when it comes to installation, and that too, at an affordable price tag.

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