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Incredible Night Vision Camera Upgrades Your Car to the Next Level

Jul 1, 2021, 5:47 pm / Abigail Williams

Maybe you have heard or seen ads about a car camera with night vision capabilities and you are now filled with wonder about this new technology, thinking that it could be a nice car upgrade. The car night vision camera's primary purpose is to enhance the driver's ability to see and become aware of his surroundings, while driving in low light situations. The Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision camera is what we are talking about. It has the following features to show that it can provide an increased vision of the road ahead.

1. Inside its technology

  1. Light magnification
  2. It increases the amount of light that comes into the camera. When used during night or in dark road, the light is not enough for human eyes to have a clear view, but this feature of Lanmodo Vast Pro shows the details of objects in front of you, because its camera will catch the road view. Its ability to view an object as larger definitely aids your vision.

  3. Sony MCCD chip
  4. This is the image processor of the car night vision camera. It is a photosensitive chip that boosts the light gathering efficiency, and process images quickly, so there is no lag.

  5. IR cut filter
  6. It is also sometimes referred to as IR blocking filter, because it blocks unnatural-looking images. Additionally, the Lanmodo night vision camera uses 28mm 7G optical lens that aims to lessen light diffusion and improve sharpness.

2. Night vision ability

  1. 1080P resolution, real-time image
  2. Thus, the images that you see through this car night vision camera are crystal clear. There are no worries about getting eye strain because of grainy images. It also makes good use of the light coming from yards, posts and the moonlight to provide you quality picture that is clear and bright. As you take a glance at the camera's 8-inch screen, the 1080P resolution assures you that you know about the road situation.

  3. Vivid color
  4. This is brought about by the in-plane switching (IPS) screen, which prevents color reproduction that is low in quality. It will instead display accurate and consistent color. This IPS screen by Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision camera facilitates real life color, which helps the driver to distinguish objects, people and animals on the road.

  5. 45-degree field of view
  6. This means that the camera will allow you to see well the objects ahead and aside of your car. This range of vision makes you feel safer when you use the camera because you worry less about coming across anything that you can't see at once due to poor visibility.

  7. 300-meter view distance
  8. This night vision system will allow you to see the obstacles on the road ahead in advance and react accordingly to avoid mishaps.

3. Easy Installation

The Lanmodo night vision camera can be positioned inside your car using 2 methods: The first one is using the non-slip mat that is provided in the box. You simply attach it to the camera; place the whole thing on your dashboard, where you can see it easily; The second method is using the suction cup. Find a suitable spot on your car's windscreen and you're ready to go. If you can't decide which one to use, we recommend the suction cup to mount it on your windscreen, it is less susceptible to vibrations when the car moves, unlike when you put it on the non-slip mat.

Finally, as you can understand fully well, the Lanmodo night vision camera can make a whole lot of difference for all those who drive during the night and in bad weather. Those people include coach and truck drivers as well as ordinary people, whose vehicles do not have built-in night vision cameras.

The Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision camera will give a nice car upgrade to your vehicle, that you would want to purchase it now. This is a safety system that will improve your vision at night or when there is a fog or snow and heavy rain. Furthermore, it is being sold at an affordable price, so that you and everyone else can avail. Using this innovative product will lower the statistics of vehicular accidents.

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