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7 Car Accessories for a Comfortable and Safe Long Drive

Jun 30, 2021, 4:38 pm / Evelyn Smith

Whenever you set out on the road you attempt to prepare yourself and even upgrade your vehicle in every possible way. And when it's a long trip we are talking about, then packing up some extra stuff for your car is always a good move.

To make life simpler for conventional car users the market is full of the latest car accessories and upgraded modern equipment that can give you the full privilege of driving in a luxury vehicle! Here list some simple devices that can seamlessly add comfort and safety while driving:


You are on a long drive and facing the dull night is rather inescapable. To make your night driving much more comfortable as well as safe you can try adding the Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision System. The principal quality of Lanmodo Vast is it's the ability to improve your peripheral vision during the troublesome dark hours. This easy to install system enhances your vision by smoothly capturing images using the low light technique and creating a display on the 8" IPS screen. Another benefit of having this gadget in your car is that it can warn you of obstacles and pedestrian from a distance 300m.


The stress and exhaustion of the long trip surely endanger your driving safety. Doze off for a while and you are on the edge of a blow. Then why not play it safe! To help you stay awake as well as safe during your extended trip, getting an anti-sleep alarm is a smart move. Anti-sleep alarm sits right on your ear and sounds a warning alarm with even a slight tilt of your head. In simpler words, it looks like portable earphones that make an irritating sound to pull you back from your sleep. This is definitely a must accessory for long journeys.


Enjoying a cup of chilled out soft drink during the hot summer ride becomes downright difficult on the uneven roads. To avoid spilling drinks in your car surface and to keep your car interior, buy an auto-mug storage organizer for your car. This mug serves multiple purposes as it not only allows you to keep your drinks safe but also, let you organize your stuff in a proper manner. Arrange your cash, sunglasses, phone, wallet and mp3 player within easy reach. Moreover, you can even use it at home or in your office if necessary.


The sun-night visor may seem like ordinary equipment but it has the quality to keep to you safe and sound on an extended trip. The direct glare of the sun and oncoming high beams becomes a major cause of distraction during driving. It may cause temporary blindness which you really can't afford while steering. So, just add this simple addition to your car and make your ride comfortable and risk-free.


A seat belt extender helps you to extend your seatbelt to fit around you in a much comfortable way. In particular, a seat belt extender is suitable for obese people and pregnant women. During long car trips, driving with a tight seatbelt causes discomfort and in that case, attaching a seat belt extender is a simple remedy.


Stuck in the middle of the highway with a flat tire or with a car breakdown during the dull gloomy night could be a terrible situation. To keep you safe on the deserted dark roads pack a set of magnetic LED emergency safety flare. It has 9 flashing modes along with 16 super bright LED illuminates to be noticed from a distance of 1 mile. The magnetic base can easily attach to metallic surfaces plus it is easy to carry and simple to use.


Have you decided to take your pet on a long trip with you? Along with you the pet also desires a smooth refreshing ride. Accommodating a simple foldable pet carrier in your car will hold your pet in a much suitable way. It has a reliable and breathable material along with straps that keep the seat upright. It also has a harness leash where you can fasten your pet during the drive.

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