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The Future of Driving: What Will It Look Like?

Jun 30, 2021, 7:24 pm / Richard

When we take a sneak peek in the upcoming future we see a more modern and sophisticated world. Humans strive to make their lives easier, safer and comfortable. They invest their time and energy in designing and developing commodities that will have a positive impact on their overall lifestyle.

Today we have improved security systems, high tech computers, upgraded smartphones and even enhanced automobiles. Along with all the improvements going around the world if we closely consider the automobile industry, we can observe how cars have become a source of comfort for us. We must admit that presently automobiles have shortened the distances for us. But with certain inbuilt systems, manufacturers are trying to enhance car safety in the best possible ways. Let's see what we can expect in future vehicles.


Since people have started to rely on cars for their easy conveyance, the industry is trying to manufacture vehicles at a much cheaper rate. Electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining popularity because of its easy maintenance and comfortable drive. It is further expected that in the near future, EVs will be much cheaper as compared to the gasoline cars due to the decline in the prices of the batteries within it.


Drivers admire cars with better mileage with low fuel consumption. The automobile industry is determined to design cars that can cover long distances within a short span of time. Companies like Tesla, BMW, Dodge and McLaren are promising to launch some speedy cars in the near future. The cars will have upward of 1000 horsepower (745K watts) with a super velocity of 200-300 mph. The high-speed of the car will be maintained without compromising the elegance of the car. The future vehicles will be fast and luxurious at the same time.


Automobiles in the next era will be more reliable and sensible. Manufacturers are trying to equip the next generation automobile with artificial intelligence. The cars will be able to detect the mood of the drivers and take actions according to it. Apart from this, the AI system within the car will be connected to your smartphones and will be competent enough to display all your activities on the car screen in front of you. You will be able to handle all your emails, calls, texting and video calls with just a single swipe. Plus, if the journey is long you can watch your favourite movie or listen to latest music on your car screen.

  1. SAFER

The future of driving greatly revolves around the safety of its driver as well as the passengers. As we know that driving safety is jeopardized during the night due to the absence of sufficient light. In the coming future, this will not be a big problem as cars are being modified with the HD night vision systems. The night vision system will detect dangers and road hazards from farther down the road. Thus, providing the driver with enough time to react in advance. Whereas cars with an artificial intelligence system will take safety measures of its own accord.


The idea of autonomous and self-driving cars are gaining popularity among engineers as well as consumers. The ultimate advantage of self-driving cars is its quick service and mobility. The cars will provide you with door-to-door service without the slightest delay. Moreover, these cars will have the advance feature of vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I). All the data and road maps will be already stored within the vehicle. The V2V system will use a wireless connection to transmit and receive messages from a faraway distance taking assistance from the road infrastructure. These systems will ensure a safe drive along with a smooth flow of traffic.


The future of mobility will go immense change with the invention of autonomous cars. The driverless cars would be efficient, less polluting and quicker in transferring people towards their destination. The self-driving cars will eliminate the idea of a privately owned car as a single vehicle will be advance enough to make multiple transfers. Also, this will cut down the expenses incurred on the maintenance of a private car.


Air pollution is at a rise due to the increasing number of vehicles running on petrol or gas. The future cars will help eradicate air pollution to a much greater magnitude. Hybrids and electronic cars are being tested by engineers. In the upcoming future, we will have automobiles running on electric batteries or on liquid nitrogen. These cars will remarkably contribute to creating a less polluted environment.

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