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Efficient Car Night Vision Camera for Uber & Lyft drivers

Jul 1, 2021, 5:50 pm / Abigail Williams

Cab drivers may have hectic driving schedules. Picking and dropping customers in the rush hours of the morning and late in the night can be a routine. As an Uber & Lyft driver, many a time you may be required to transport passengers at night. This can add to the difficulties in driving due to poor lighting. But in modern times there is a solution. By taking advantage of modern technology, difficulties can be overcome.

There is one technology that can help cab drivers to be safe and that is the Lanmodo Vast Pro car night vision camera, which is a great gadget and uses active infrared and light magnification technology to give you a crystal clear view of the road in the dark.

1. Affordable and easy to install

Pricing is one of the primary driving factors for any gadget. The Lanmodo Vast Pro night camera is winning hearts with its competitive pricing. The device is affordable and is very moderately priced that makes it available for one and all. If you are an Uber & Lyft driver, this gadget will not burn your pocket. It is priced between 300$ to 500$ and hence can be bought by a large section of the society. Thus, you can also afford it and ensure a safe and smooth ride.

Another factor that makes this device viable is its installation. You can install the device in just a few easy steps without any hassle. One way to install this camera is by using a non-slip mat and simply placing the device over it. The second way to fix this device in your car is to use a suction cup. You can hook up the camera to the suction cup and then attach the cup onto the windshield. Once you have attached it you can then connect it to the cigarette lighter or OBD adapter using its cable.

2. 1080P night vision

One of the most outstanding features of the Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision camera is its ability to display images in high resolution. The 8 inch IPS screen displays color images at 1080p high resolution. The colored images of the road enable you to see clearly any object on the road and avoid crash.

All thanks to the high-resolution colored images you can drive during the night with a very comfortable view of the things that lie ahead. Even if you are dropping passengers late in the night you can rest assured about the safety.

3. Wide-angle vision

The Lanmodo camera also features a 45-degree wide-angle vision. This gives you a broader image of the road. The broad image helps you to perceive the road in advance and take timely action.

The vision of this device extends up to 300m which is far beyond your car's headlight. By assisting you to see further down the road, this night vision camera adds to your safety. You can avoid accidents by knowing about any potential hazards that may be on the road.

4. Portable and widely applicable

The Lanmodo night camera is a portable gadget and can be used in multiple cars. Since it is installed using a suction cup or a non-slip mat, removing it is not a difficult task. If you have more than one car you can benefit from this device by using it in both the vehicles.

This gadget is applicable to 99% of the cars and thus you don't have to worry whether it will be compatible with multiple cars. This night vision camera is useful not only at night but during the day also.

At times when the weather becomes unpredictable this device can be your savior. It can give you a clear picture of the road during rains and foggy weather too. Thus, you can stay safe under all weather conditions with this device in your car.

The Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision camera is a nice-to-have gadget for all the drivers. This camera serves as an extra pair of eyes and helps you to view the road clearly even under poor lighting. The device possesses some wonderful features which make it one of the best car gadgets in the market. It can go a long way in ensuring that you perceive the road clearly and stay safe by taking the necessary precautions in advance.

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