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The Ultimate List of Best Gifts for New Teen Drivers

Jun 30, 2021, 4:39 pm / Lara

Gifts are a beautiful way of showing your special ones that you care about them. Not only this, but they are very helpful in celebrating anyone's success. With that being said, for any teenager getting their driver's permit is one of the greatest milestones towards their adulthood and does require celebration. There are many ways to congratulate them on their newfound autonomy but the best option is to give them all the useful things that they might need while taking up the wheel for the first time. This article includes some of the best gift ideas with which you can welcome these teenagers into the driving world.

Gifts for keeping safe drive

We all know these new teens are quite reckless when it comes to driving. In fact, all of us in our teen years have made some terrible driving mistakes. Therefore, we must reinforce responsible driving habits in our new drivers and this category of gifts is specially designed to make the driving experience of your loved ones safe and secure.

  1. Car night vision system

With numerous bumps on the road, it's okay to be scared about your little one's driving experience, especially during nighttime when there is poor lighting on the streets. Installing a few of safety gadgets in their car before they begin this new journey is the right thing to do, ergo the night vision system is a perfect choice. It will surely enhance your loved one's safety and guide them towards the right path even low-lit areas.

Though there are multiple night-driving assistants present in the market, Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision Car Camera has its own unique features which make it stand out from the rest. It not only provides a full-color image but also offers 1080P high resolution, enabling the drivers to have a detailed view of the road. Also, the kind of assistance provided by the Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision System is remarkable because with this you will have a 45 degrees wide-angle view and the camera even extends up to 300m. This means the driver will know the road situation from far ahead and will be able to make a clear judgment to take the necessary precautions to reduce the chances of a car crash. Moreover, it's very to install this device.

  1. Blind-spot mirrors

Even after passing out the driving test you still might be little terrified of your teenager driving on the road for the first time. On that account, there are few precautionary measures you can take to build safety into their driving, like installing blind-spot mirror in their car. This safety gadget helps the drivers in spotting areas of the road which are hidden from their vision. And by keeping an eye on the vehicle lurking behind your car, you can easily change your lane without having to compromise on your safety.

  1. Digital tire gauge with emergency tools

Properly inflated tires are very important when it comes to driving safety. It will not only protect you from unfortunate mishaps but also offers better fuel consumption. Besides, a driver must always keep his car well-maintained so it's a great idea to get these newbies into the habit of monitoring the tire pressure regularly with a digital tire gauge is the right way to do. It enables them to quickly check the pressure and know when the tires need inflation. A portable digital tire gauge with all the emergency tools will keep them safe on their long journeys.

Gifts for car protection and fun

This category of gifts will help these new teen drivers accessorize their cars and add charm to it. They may be thinking about buying all these things in the future, but to surprise them you can gift these instead before they first time hit the road in their new car.
  1. Customized car cover

New teen drivers love decorating the car in their own unique and creative way. They look for things to add around which will give their car a fun look. From printed seat cover to bright LEDs and funky decorating pieces will all add a personalized touch in their new vehicle. Thus, a customized car cover is a perfect gift for such drivers. The car cover will protect their car from the scorching sun as well as make their car stand out from the rest and give it a unique vibe.

  1. New driver personalized ornaments

Teenagers often enjoy personalized gifts and hence there are many driver-themed items you can give them to make them feel valued. Unique keychains, handy travel mugs with customized quotes, personalized number plates, cool sunglasses are some of the best gifts through which you can show your teen that you are proud of his accomplishments.

  1. Car documents holder

Most of the teenagers drive their own vehicles so we must encourage them to keep all the car-related documents in one secure place. A car document holder is a perfect way to organize papers like vehicle registration documents, driving license, insurance documents, all the emergency contact numbers, and anything else they'll need in one spot. A document holder will not only keep them safe in times of need but a stylish cover will also enhance the overall look of their car.

  1. Bluetooth hands-free system

If your teen driver is driving an old vehicle with no built-in Bluetooth to play songs or make calls while driving then this is something extremely useful for them. They just have to connect the Bluetooth hands-free system in a car's auxiliary port, connect their phones, and enjoy their favorite tracks as well as make calls over car's speaker seamlessly.

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