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Why Not Add Night Vision to Your Car to See Clearly at Night?

Mar 5, 2019, 7:49 pm / Brian Lageose

Driving a car is not an easy task and it becomes more challenging at the night time. It has been noticed that every year a lot of car accidents take place due to improper driving at the night time. It is not that they are inefficient drivers but during the night time the lack of a proper solution a lot of unwanted accidents take place. And that's why nowadays, most of the drivers search the best night vision devices for cars.

Nowadays, a lot of expensive cars are equipped with night vision systems so that the owner can avail a safer driving regime. So if you have a BMW or a Mercedes then you don't need to worry as your car is already updated with this smart system. But there are a lot of cars which do not have. A lot of drivers have admitted that the separate car night vision system comes in a too expensive price range and it is difficult for them to buy. But the best fact is that now Lanmodo is offering an affordable and high-quality night vision service for you. Safety is the best thing that all the drivers need to avail at the night time. And high price range cannot be a barrier there anymore especially when Lanmodo is here with its exciting car maintenance and safety devices. So, let's explore all the facts about Lanmodo automotive night vision system.

Learn About Lanmodo Automotive Night Vision System

1. Best assistant for the night drive

Your car already has big headlights and that can help you to see maximum distance up to 80m at the night time. But it is not enough. Actually, sometimes you may need to drive on the country roads and that time with a Lanmodo NVS you can easily broad your night vision distance up to 300m through the image. It shows the 1080P and full-color image on a big screen so that you can know the road situation in advance to take the necessary measures to avoid accidents.

2. Two easy ways to install it

The installing process is also easy. There is nothing complicated as it will not take days to get installed properly. You can easily install it by yourself and there are two ways to set it up in your car, one on the dashboard or one on the windshield.

When it comes to installing on the dashboard then you have to fix the night vision system onto the non-slip mat and then you can attach the mat to the automotive dashboard and next connect it to the cigarette lighter or OBD adapter with its cable.

Apart from this, when it comes to installing on the windshield then you need to hook the night vision system to the suction cup and then you can attach the suction to the windshield. And after that, you need to connect it to the cigarette lighter or OBD adapter with its cable. It is up to you where to install it.

3. Not for night safety only

The benefits of Lanmodo car night vision device are not limited only to the night time. But you can take full advantage of this system at the foggy and rainy days. Actually, during the fog in winter or in the rainy days, the vision gets interrupted, the road conditions and even the weather conditions remain poor. And in that situation, any accident can easily take place. But if there is an NVS support then you can easily avail a safe driving regime.

4. Can be connected with the rear view camera

With a rear view camera with the 720P resolution, you can easily get a clear view of the road behind to avoid the bumps. It is waterproof and functions well on rainy days. You can switch the front/rear view easily by pressing the button on the night vision system. Along with this, it can automatically change to rear view once the camera has been connected to the reversing lamp.

In order to let you understand the Lanmodo NVS, a level better the below table of difference between in-dash and Lanmodo night vision system will help you-

In-built Night Vision System

Lanmodo Night Vision System

Image Color

Black and White

Full Color




Vision Angle



Infrared Type

Passive Infrared

Active Infrared

Applicable Car Models

Specific Car Model

99% Car Models


About $2500


All the required information is given above. Now you need to think carefully about you and your family safety. A fact you need to keep in your concern and that is safety and comfort should run in a parallel. And that you can best avail with Lanmodo NVS. A large number of people are taking help of this system and now it is your turn.

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