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Why Do You Need a Car Night Vision System?

Jul 1, 2021, 6:29 pm / Brian Lageose

Have you ever drove at night with low visibility? If so, you would know how difficult it is to drive. You may not be able to see the pedestrian or the roadblock on time to take suitable action. You may miss seeing the sharp turn ahead of you. Not only it is uncomfortable, but driving in the dark becomes way too dangerous.

Now we can happily put all these troubled rides in the past thanks to advanced technology. The innovative minds of engineers have blessed us with useful Car Night Vision System(NVS) that can be attached to the car while driving at night.

What is a Car Night Vision System?

When you have difficulty seeing in low light conditions, NVS helps you a lot. It is a device that uses a thermographic camera to extend your vision beyond the limited reach of your car's headlights. NVS is comprised of GPS, Radar, Lidar, and infrared cameras.

Night vision systems were developed for the first time just before World War II. The Germans developed primitive infrared devices to spot enemies in the dark. The army worked on developing new devices throughout the 1940s and 50s. However, the first NVS developed for the automobile was in the year 2000 by General Motors on Cadillac. They continued the trend on their Lexus models. Later, the German automotive biggies, Mercedes-Benz and BMW, have been offering car night vision system since 2006. Mercedes-Benz uses active NVS while BMW uses passive ones.

Benefits of Car Night Vision System

  1. Enhance vision at dusk, night, and poor weather conditions, thus improving safety on the road.
  2. Seeing the road clearly while driving can lessen your stress.
  3. Get alerted on time about the pedestrians, animals crossing the road or cyclist, to make decisions and avert an accident.
  4. You can see any sudden curves and bends ahead of you.

Innovative Car Night Vision System Available in the Market

When you are looking for the best night vision system in the market, look no further than Lanmodo's most innovative and effective NVS for the automobile. It can be your friend that shows you the way when you are lost in the dark. Let's look at the best reasons for you to own a Lanmodo Vast Pro Automotive Night Vision System.

  1. 1080P High Resolution
  2. You will love what you see because Lanmodo NVS offers high-resolution image of what's ahead of you. The big HD screen of 8” with 1080P is sure to help you see everything you may miss seeing while driving in the dark. As an added advantage, you will get a full-color display that will help you distinguish between the things you see. The IPS screen adds richness to the images on the screen.

  3. Most Helpful for Truck Drivers
  4. If you are a truck or coach driver, Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision System is truly a blessing. You need to drive very carefully in the dark and Lanmodo NVS can help you do that with its front and rear viewing capabilities.
    You can take advantage of the rear view night vision camera to avoid bumps. It gives you a 1080P view of the road behind you. When it's pouring heavily, you can rest assured knowing it won't be damaged as it is waterproof. What's better, you can switch between the rear and front night vision camera by just a tap on the button on your Night Vision System.

  5. 45-degree View
  6. The headlights at both low beam and high beam are not enough while you drive through the darkness or bad weather conditions. A 45-degree view from an NVS can help you greatly. In addition, the Lanmodo Vast Pro car night vision system offers you a night view of up to 300m. These features are sure to help you to take quick measures to avoid fatal accidents.
    Not only does Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision System helps you in your late night adventures, but also when you are stuck in between a bad weather condition, fog, and heavy rain. So, when you are in a tough spot, you can always rely on Lanmodo's NVS.

  7. Easy Installation
  8. You can either install the NVS on the non-slip mat or a suction cup, whichever suits your vision best. Once you have secured the NVS, all you have to do is connect it to OBD adapter or cigarette lighter.

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