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New Arrival: The Best Night Vision Camera For Car In The Market

Jul 1, 2021, 5:56 pm / Brian Lageose

Driving at night is not just scary. It's a dangerous and a hassle because it's difficult to see the roads without the natural light of the sun. However, situations that require you to drive after the sun goes down is almost inevitable. Luckily, Lanmodo thought of a way to reduce your stress when driving at night using their night vision camera for drivers. Here are some of the reasons why it's worth buying today.

1. 1080P high resolution

When you're driving in a dark setting, there's no better option than to get a night vision camera with a clear image. Lanmodo is able to produce a camera that gives the highest quality of images for drivers. This is a first in the market so you won't be able to buy this unique camera in other places. The manufacturer of this device raised the standards for car cameras by using near-infrared night vision technology instead of far-infrared ones. You can easily see the difference of this product from other cameras because of the 1080P image quality that Lanmodo produces. This also means that you will be able to clearly see what's ahead of you, which will help avoid road accidents at night.

2. Big screen, 45° wide-angle vision

A high resolution for your camera won't make any sense if you have a small screen to view what's happening in front of you. Other night vision systems from other brands will only give you 18 to 30 degrees. While Lanmodo makes sure to give drivers a 45-degree wide-angle vision and an 8-inch screen for this tool. This is a fantastic combination because it means that you won't have to use a magnifying glass just to see what's being shown on the screen. The wide-angle vision feature is also a great addition because it would allow you to see a wider view of the road. Because of these features, it's now a lot easier to drive at night.

3. Full-color image, eye-friendly

Not all drivers have a good vision, which makes it even more challenging to drive at night. This doesn't automatically mean that you're blind or you can't see the road at all. But most of the time, this means that your vision is blurry and that there's a high chance that you won't notice emergent road situation because of it. The Lanmodo Night Vision Camera provides full-color images that give you a better view of what's ahead of the road. Aside from these advanced features, the display is eye-friendly so you can definitely use it for long drives without hurting your eyes.

4. Night view distance up to 300M

Using your high-beam and low-beam can make driving at night easier. But car's low beam can reach only 60M, while high beams can reach around 80M, which cannot compare to Lanmodo Night Vision System that can let you see a distance of up to 300M. Additionally, unlike your high beam, having a night vision camera won't hurt the eyes of other drivers from the other side of the road. Your safety, as well as the safety of other drivers, are important. This device helps prevent accidents caused by glaring lights.

5. Used in various driver-unfriendly conditions, keep safe driving

This is the best night vision camera out there because it's also useful for various situations such as rainy and foggy weather. These weather conditions also make driving dangerous but with Lanmodo, you will be able to see clearly and effortlessly.

Driving your car allows you to reach various destinations and enjoy road trips with your loved ones. However, it's often stressful to drive when there are not enough lights on the road at night. This gives you stress and even raises the risk of accidents. To avoid unfortunate events from happening, equip yourself with the best night vision system from Lanmodo. It has features that allow drivers to have a better view of the road so that you can avoid getting into accidents that would hurt you as well as other people on the road.

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