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How To Utilize ADAS For An Enhanced & Safe Driving Experience

Jul 1, 2021, 6:52 pm / Abigail Williams

In this advanced age almost everyone owns a car nowadays and the roads are decked with tiny little vehicles commuting to their respective drop off locations. It is natural that in such situations, accidents and mishaps are prone to happen, thus, resulting in huge losses and multiple deaths. This all be easily avoided if the proper precautions are taken. But even the safest drivers tend to be involved in the most dangerous and fatal of accidents. So, the fate of the driver and the possibility of an accident does not depend entirely on his/her driving skills. There is more to the situation than what meets the eye.

The first question that comes to mind when you read this subtitle, what is ADAS? What does it do? How does it work? Here, all your questions find their respective answer:

What Is ADAS?

Basically, ADAS is a system that is installed within a vehicle's technology and it is designed to assist drivers with their driving. They increase the chances of road and car safety seamlessly. Features like night vision are incorporated in ADAS as well as automatic parking and blind spot monitoring. With Advanced Driver Assistance Systems you get a more elite, safe and monitored driving experience that will help you in avoiding accidents and keep you as well as your fellow drivers on the road safe.

With the utilization of driving assistance devices like dash cameras, the driver has full vision of what is happening around the car. And with automatic procedures built into the system, there are multiple functions that occur on their own to warn the driver of oncoming dangers. For example dash cameras with built in sensors, upon sensing an oncoming obstruction from the front will instantly alert the driver and apply automatic brakes.

Another winning feature/quality that you can gain the benefits of from acquiring ADAS is the popular night vision feature.

What Is Automotive Night Vision?

During the night, admittedly many drivers feel that it is difficult to see the path ahead of them. Unless you're driving on a highway illuminated and lined with bright lights, you will definitely face some issues in managing your vehicle on the road ahead. Even your headlights are not enough to light up your path and make your cruise easier. So, here is where automotive vision steps in. This system utilizes thermographic cameras to create a clear and visible line of sight ahead of you and help you in navigating the road better. There are two types of automotive night vision systems: passive system and active system.

How Does Passive Night Vision and Active Night Vision Work?

The devices offering passive night vision work by transmitting a light through 2 lenses and an image-intensifying mechanism. An image seen through a passive night vision device is 20K-50K brighter than what the eye can see.

More commonly referred to as active infrared night vision, it merges together infrared illumination within the range of 0.7-1.0. CCD cameras are used and the line of sight of active night vision is a lesser than that of passive night vision.

Where to Obtain Night Vision For Your Car From?

In some upgraded and recently manufactured vehicles with top notch technology, there are inbuilt night vision systems within the vehicle like in the Cadillac. But if you are interested in obtaining an Advanced Driver Assistance System for your car then contemplate a Lanmodo Vast Pro night driving assistant. With the best quality of 1080p providing you with crystal clear display you can easily commute from one spot to the other with no worries.

The display is always available in high resolution color and that gives all drivers an advantage over other fellows on the road with them. Whether you are driving in the dark or not, the IPS screen will help you regardless. This is of major importance to those drivers who are driving at high speeds and do not have room for the possibility of an accident. The night vision system extends up to 300 meters giving a wide angle vision of the road ahead. This gives all drivers an opportunity to plan beforehand and be well informed if up ahead is an obstacle, road block or any animal/existing car accident. Then they can behave accordingly.

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