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How Automotive Assistant Systems Help to Increase Car Safety?

Jul 1, 2021, 6:36 pm / Brian Lageose

With the ever developing world of technology, new and new tools are being created to increase the amount of safety that our vehicles offer to us. While these features started off as quite rudimentary and mostly included things like seat belts and stronger bodies, the things on offer nowadays are much more advanced and intelligent in nature. A general category of such features can basically be classed as automotive assistant system. These products are what you can refer to as the leaders of driving safety and ensuring a relaxed ride for the passengers. Some of these systems have been discussed here as well.

Collision Avoidance System

One of the most basic and yet the most talked about intelligence features that vehicles are being equipped with nowadays is collision avoidance system. The system basically operates using a range of different sensors that are able to detect the possibility of a collision and override driver control to slow down the car in time to either avoid or reduce the severity of a collision. The sensors can be based on a wide range of technologies including radar, laser, GPS and cameras. The most obvious response is for the car to hit the brake automatically. This is a feature that you will find almost entirely in vehicles that already have electronic cruise control support in them.

Blind Spot Monitor

This is another feature that has been introduced into vehicles recently and what it basically entails is a sensor that is provides support to the driver regarding the blind spots that are recognized across any car i.e. the side view and the immediate behind. The system usually works by either looking at the surroundings of the car or by using a proximity sensor, or using a range of other products as well. Given how easy it is for the average driver to be blinded in these areas, the invention is deem ed to be one of the most important ones nowadays.

Pedestrian Protection System

This is an automotive assistance system that is quite similar in terms of functionality to the collision avoidance system. Consisting of the same type of sensors for the most part for ensuring pedestrian safety, this system overrides the input of the driver and takes control of the brakes to ensure that any pedestrian that may come in front of the car is either not hit at all or is able to minimize contact with the pedestrian and ensure both pedestrian and driving safety.

Adaptive Light Control

One of the most interesting developments in the recent years is this particular driving safety system that is able to ensure maximum visibility for the driver by adjusting the direction of the light beam coming from the headlight. With basic features such as automatic beam switching to more advanced features like light and camera based dimmers, these are quickly becoming the latest methods of ensuring driving safety. However, if you really want to be able to see everything in your car at all times, use the equipment in the next paragraph.

Night Vision System

This is probably the most sophisticated system that has been built so far in terms of creating automotive assistance system for driving safety. A fully functioning night vision system is a combination of a wide range of sensors that are working in unison to provide a detailed depth of information to the driver. Automotive night vision system generally consists of sensors including infrared cameras, laser, GPS and radars. Depending on your vehicle and manufacturer you can see one or even a combination of the said tools in the system.

Having these systems installed in your vehicles by default probably means that you are already equipped with a state of the art highest quality vehicle! However, that may not be the case for most of the readers who are looking forward to these driving safety features without shedding a ton of money. One such service is Lanmodo 1080p night vision system. The Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system for car is a product that gives you a plethora of features in a reasonable price. Package generally includes 45 degree viewing angle, support for fully HD 1080p. in addition to that, this service also provides very good quality pictures during trying weather, be it rain or fog etc. and can definitely be considered as a worthwhile automotive assistance system for your driving safety at night.

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