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Camping Guides: 9 Things to Keep in Your Mind

Jul 1, 2021, 6:53 pm / Abigail Williams

As the weather becomes more breezy and comfortable during this time of the year, more and more people head out into the foliage and jungles instead of the beaches and malls. If you are looking for some solitude from the bustling city life and want to take a break and connect with Mother Nature, camping is probably the best thing that you can do. Camping can be done either solo or in a group, like with friends and family and the experience is equally enriching, one way or the other. It has the ability to wash away all your tiredness and rejuvenate you to face life in a more positive manner. However, camping is not easy. Selection of a proper location, setting up of the tent, having emergency supplies ready etcetera, all of this are very important aspects of camping. In fact, if you are a beginner, there are definitely some tips that you could do with.

This article includes a list of camping guides that will make your camping experience a much more enjoyable one.

1. Choose the location beforehand

The first thing that you need to know is whether the location that you have chosen for camping, is it suitable for the purpose or not. Checking out the terrain before pitching the tent, doing a thorough weather check about expected rain, wind, storm etcetera, making sure the site can be trekked to and camping has been done there before or even in the vicinity, all these points form an important checklist for choosing a location.

2. Practice setting up the tent beforehand

There is no denying to the fact that setting up a tent is not an easy job, especially for a beginner and may need some practice to develop the expertise. It is probably not a good idea to try your hand at pitching a tent in the campsite for the first time as there are a number of things that might go wrong. Instead, take some time off and practice putting up the tent in your background or some free space so that you may become oriented with the spatial arrangement of the tent.

3. Reach and set up while there is still light

Waiting for sunset to set up your campsite can be utter folly. Why make it more cumbersome when you could just take advantage of the natural light around you! It is recommended that you reach your chosen campsite while there is still light and set up the tent and lay down your armamentarium before sundown. It is applicable for night time camping exclusively. It will also give you some time to get accustomed to your surroundings.

4. Keep an emergency kit ready

An emergency kit containing emergency lights, first aid, moisturizer, mosquito repellant, a portable charger for your phone etcetera is only going to be beneficial for you. A bag containing all of these items is invaluable for camping safety.

5. Keep a hold on your bearings

It is easy to get lost while going camping, especially if it is not a frequented place and lies secluded from everything else. This problem arises for beginners mostly. Therefore, keep a compass with you all the time to have a bearing of where you are and where you are headed. GPS on the phone can also be equally beneficial.

6. Take care of the bugs

Believe it or not, bugs play an important part in making your camping experience either an enjoyable one or a disaster. You may not be aware of the variety of bugs around and a bite from one of those might lead to serious allergic reactions. Therefore, take an overall precaution and keep bugs away as much as possible, mainly in the form a bug repellant.

7. Clean the campsite before you leave

This is a very important tip. Once you are done with the camping, make sure you clean up the place and remove any litter that you may drop somewhere. It is your basic responsibility to the environment in return for the experience you are getting. It is advisable to be clean and hygienic while you are camping as well.

8. Arrive the destination safely at night

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9. Don't invade other campsites

Last but not least, respect others who have come camping near your location. Don't go prying and invading their privacy. Remember, everyone is looking for the same thing as you are, a good time either with themselves or with their loved ones.

Now don't sit idle anymore. Pack your luggage, organize your gear, and check the above-mentioned list and you are as good as ready to have the best camping experience of your life.

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