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A Beginner's Guide to Essential Camping Equipment & Gear

Jul 1, 2021, 6:54 pm / Abigail Williams

No one would bear the idea of getting stuck in the woods, the middle of nowhere, without the proper equipment. Planning for a camping trip may be such a stressful task for first-time outers since it is about not only picking stuff but also, you need to be confident that it is selected thoughtfully. Nobody denies the fact that an obnoxious experience will be a consequence of holding up the wrong gear. Namely, the following information will delve on choosing your equipment to guarantee a trip that will be fortune-filled with wonderful memories that will remain in your mind for a lifetime.

1. Tents

Tent wins the lion share when purchasing for the fact a good camping tent is not just shelter. Hence, doing a little research is favored to have the pleasure you need. To exemplify, the Travel Channel indicates you should buy a brad and durable tent to ensure you will have enough space for sleeping and appropriate oxygenating without feeling claustrophobic. Tents have varied measurements and models, so purchase a spacious tent if you are not so sure about the space.

You should search the internet to learn how to pitch your tent before you think of camping and you need to practice back at home before you go.

2. Lights

Your campfire will not serve you long, and it is not sufficient to mainly rely on for lighting at night since you'll not be capable of doing even the simplest activity in the absence of the sun. Hence, flashlights enable you to do various activities feasibly, such as cooking, reading, and it is efficient in the dusk. Auspiciously, camping flashlights are manufactured and classified into three sub-categories—lantern, handheld flashlights, and headlamps.

The hand-held flashlight, as the name suggests, is a hand-held movable electric light. It has powerful radiation of light is generated to illuminate the area and can send signals in emergency cases.

On the other side, Headlamps are suitable for individuals who favor a hands-free approach with headlamps to find their way through the woods walking or driving. In this context, driving in the woods while camping can be adventurous and hazardous at night; thus, a Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system fixed in your car will inevitably ensure that you drive in woods with confidence, as you are equipped with safety measures. This night vision system offers the best experience by providing better visual effects due to its 1080P high-resolution image. Therefore, you will have a clearer and broader view of a road that protects you from accidents and allows you to drive securely during severe conditions and heavy rain. In addition, its night vision distance reaches up to 300 m to see the road ahead of you with many meters.

3. Sleeping Bags

The sleeping bag is another essential component of camping gear which you need to precisely select. You should first determine where and when your campsite will be in order to buy the suitable sleeping bag that meets your needs. Sleeping bags also come in different weights corresponding to various temperatures. You should select a lower temperature rating's sleeping bag because you can always unzip a bag that feels too warm.

While summer sleeping bags are your ideal choice for temperatures of 35° F and higher, winter sleeping bags are specially designed for cold temperatures of 10° F and less. There is also three-season bags which is exemplary for temperatures from 10° F to 35° F. According to the camping website, Camping with Gus, if you seek extra comfort, pick an air-filled pad or sleeping mat. Besides, you should select a durable choice that matches your budget for camping.

4. Clothes

Always select a cloth made from polyester or nylon and avoid those made from cotton tees because they will really absorb moisture and make you feel wet which will make you feel colder as the temperature drops. On the other hand, choosing a material like polyester or nylon benefits you getting away from moisture owing to the fact the body is being dry and warm in case of polyester. Nylon, as well, is an appropriate option because it allows your body to breathe properly.

While choosing pants, fabrics utilized should be constructed of strong and fast dries such as nylon or spandex. They will offer the convenience you attempt and retain your legs preserved from the risk of allergenic weeds and poison ivy as well as keeping you cozy when the temperature falls down.

5. First Aid

If you inquire about a comprehensive first aid kit, you can create one by first purchasing a basic aid kit from your local pharmacy and then adding some items that you find necessary, so your kit will be exemplary. Having a travel-suitable first aid kit is fundamental for your safety. The typical first aid kit for camping includes items needed for any possible problem. You should pack your first aid that is an essential part of your camping gear. You can find some kits that are already pre-packed with the usual, such as bandages, gauze, pain relievers, and aspirins. Yet, some items such as aloe vera for burns, bug sprays, and moleskin for blisters are required to be taken as well. There are multiple checklists online where you can make sure that you have everything you need in your kit.

6. Food

Organizing your food supplies can be of great support. You should organize your food and equipment in a way makes cooking more delightful rather than being such an unpleasant experience. Consider obtaining some sturdy plastic boxes with lids that do not come off easily so you can store all the food. Remember only carry on the cooking gear that you will truly utilize for cooking meals.

If you are planning to camp out in the woods where there are not any range of shops for a few days, you need to carry a few emergency components with you to serve you in emergency cases, such as UHT milk, Dehydrated food, and a backup meal.

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