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7 Innovative and Wonderful Gadgets for Your Car

Jul 1, 2021, 6:37 pm / Abigail Williams

A safe driving experience is something that has become easier as time passes. With newer technology, there are better gadgets that could ensure you stay protected throughout the drive. These gadgets vary over a range of areas, and we have listed some of them here to help you realize the advantage they have. So let's have a look at 7 safety improving car gadgets.

1. Parking Sensor

The parking sensor tends to become a highly amazing addition to any car. Many people face difficulties when parking cars, simply because they have to guess and calculate so as to park safely. With this gadget, you will be able to park your car effortlessly no matter what. The parking sensors help you in finding any of the obstacles that might exist in the way when you're trying to park your car, therefore you won't end up bumping, as you can avoid obstacles after you spot them.

2. Lanmodo 1080P night vision system

If you're someone who usually drives at night, the Lanmodo night vision system would pretty much be a requirement. When you're driving in dark environment, it's hard to get clear view of the road. This is especially true because the dashboard limits your view of the road, but the safe driving assistant will help you extend your line of sight. Lanmodo 1080P night vision system provides a wide vision angle enough for you to see the maximum amount of road with 1080P HD image. Moreover, they also help you get a clear visibility in bad weather conditions like rains and fogs where there are chances of accidents due to low visibility.

3. Bluetooth Handsfree

Taking a phone call while you're driving a car is something very dangerous and everyone knows the risks associated with diverting your attention from the road. You can eliminate this risk, however, if you get a Bluetooth handsfree. This will be connected to your phone, and in the case of an emergency call, you can always pick the call up without having to use your hands, thus making it safer and way easier for you to drive.

4. Tire Pressure Gauge

While you're driving, one of the things that are always supposed to be right is the pressure in your tires. Not only does that determine the quality of your drive, it will also be keeping you safe. In case of the pressure not being the right amount, you might end up increasing the risks of the tire bursting. For that reason, a tire pressure gauge will always help to sure that the pressure in the tires is perfect. If it isn't, you will know and then you can easily get it back to the original amount.

5. Rack-mounted road shower

This one might turn out to be a great essential when it comes to going on road trips. You might end up going to places where you can't easily access any water, or you might have stopped somewhere where you can't find clean water. In that case, the shower will act as a source of water for you that you can utilize for all different kinds of uses. Thus this can act as a safety measure and will have you covered when it comes to water.

6. Dash Camera

If you've ever gone on a road trip somewhere beautiful, it's true that you'd always want to capture those scenery so that you can always look back at them. However, filming something while you're driving can be highly dangerous, as it also means that you're diverting your attention from the road. A dash camera comes into use in that case, where you can use it to put it on the car windshield. It will record the view from outside the windscreen for as long as you want, and you won't have to take your attention off of the road.

7. Automatic Pro adapter

There's one thing that almost all of our cars can never be safe from, and that is theft. People can find out ways to break into your car and escape without you even knowing, which is something that haunts all of us. However, this additional feature will help you protect your car effortlessly. This feature will provide you with a 24/7 monitoring of your car, which will make sure that there is no unconfirmed activity going on in your car. In the case that it suspects anything, it will let you know and you will be able to take necessary actions.

As a whole, you know that your comfortable travels should be your first priority, so you should be aware of the ways you can maximize driving safety and bring more joy.

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