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Why I Prefer Night Vision System Than Dash Cam?

Jul 1, 2021, 11:47 am / Brian Lageose

Driving is one of my greatest passion. It relaxes my mind and takes away all my troubles. But no matter how careful you are while driving, there is always a chance of getting into an accident. As per a recent survey, around 30,000 people die every year in tragic car accidents in USA. Poor weather condition, bad lighting, bumpy roads and lack of human concentration all threaten a driver's safety, hence, leading to unfortunate mishaps. And for me, a Taxi Driver, the likelihood of getting injured in such incidents is very high. Therefore, a driver assistance system is extremely essential for me in order to have a safest driving experience. However, among the 2 most common devices, dash cam and Night Vision System, which one offers better features and is more appropriate for me as per my need?

Dash Cam, the most common device

Dash Cam is profoundly popular and commercial among the drivers of the US these days. Almost every person has a Dash Cam installed in his car. There are several reasons for which people are found of this car gadget:
  1. The main use of Dash Cam is to record real life road situation. This device can be really helpful in case of any car accident as it captures clips of every incident on the road while driving. These clips can serve as an evidence if anything miserable happen on the road while driving.
  2. Dash cam can also be really useful on your long road trip. The device will record your journey rigorously along with time, speed and location. The recordings will assist you in analyzing your driving skills and how you conquered the difficulties and obstacles on the road.
  3. When you park your car outside, the car's safety is always at risk. Dash Cam can reduce the chance of car theft and can add extra protection. Also you can also use this gadget at home for digital video shooting or monitoring day to day activity as well.

Night Vision System and its benefits

Though Dash Cam is really advantageous for some drivers, however, as a night time taxi driver, a Night Vision System serves best for me. My usual driving hours starts when it's typically dark outside, from 6pm till 2am. Consequently, being aware of your surroundings at night is very important as most of the car accidents occur in the dark. And as we know that our senses and eyes are just not enough while driving, thus, a night vision system can keep me safe and assist me significantly at night. Apart from safety, there are numerous benefits of this gadget:
  1. The bad visibility and poor lightening at night increases the chances of accidents, so, a night vision system can be effective in order to avert such incidents. With the help of this gadget, now I can even take routes that are poorly lit because this device shows a crystal clear vision of the road without any delays.
  2. Another advantage of this gadget is that it displays the road situation from far behind. It helps me in detecting animals, pedestrians or any other object on the road that are 100 feet away. Now all the bumps and hurdles on the road are easily visible to me through this device, which are rarely visible through a car's headlights.
  3. Moreover, night vision system reveals the real road condition in advance, giving me enough time to take precautionary measures. Thus, with a night vision system installed in my car, I don't have to worry about anything suddenly coming into my way. It shows the path clearly and allows me to make correct decision in tough situations.

Lanmodo Night Vision System and what it has benefited me

3 months ago, my son purchased a Lanmodo Night Vision System to me. It's very amazing and has some incredible features which provide ease and convenience to every user.
  1. The clarity of the road you get with Lanmodo Night Vision System is unbelievable. It enables me to see the road from around 300m ahead, while on the other hand, if I try to see the road from car's windshield, I will be able to see the road clearly till 50m. Also, it has 45-degree wide angle camera, which means I get a broader view of the road and the sides as well. This device also provides 1080P high resolution full color images which makes every sign on the road entirely visible. It is indeed color night vision. So, now I don't have to worry or stress about not being able to read the road signs anymore.
  2. This night driving assistant system comes with an instruction manual which makes the installation process super easy and quick. The customer can set up the device on the car's dashboard without any help in just few minutes and begin their journey right away.
  3. When I checked online, I came across an option of having a built-in Night Vision System, but this option is only available for specific car models only. Hence, for my taxi Lanmodo Night Vision System is the best option, which is also the cheapest one in the market. Its affordability and applicability to every car model makes it the most suitable car safety gadget of all time.

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