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Troubled by Night Driving? Car Night Vision System is What You Need

Jul 1, 2021, 7:11 pm / Richard

According to the research report from the National Council, the dangers of a fatal auto crash is up to three times more at night than in the day when there is no visibility issue. Poor visibility in night driving does not just affect color recognition, and depth perception, it also results in peripheral vision causing detrimental effect to the road users. If care is not taken, you can involve in an auto crash that can cause serious injuries or even death. Now one effective way to avoid the dangers is to improve your overall night vision with the help of car night vision system. You need a night vision system to improve visibility while driving at night. But, before placing an order for this system, it is important to find out what it is all about.

What is Car Night Vision System?

A car night vision system is a unique vision technology feature designed to be reliable in detecting and alerting users about pedestrians, animals, cyclists and more beyond headlamps' reach.
The car night vision systems are designed to operate with infrared sensor mainly inside the grille. Locating this sensor on the grille is to detect warm objects right blocking the roadway. This sensor is designed in a form of video camera capturing infrared spectrum little beyond the visible light. The moving image on the roadway is outputted and displayed on a screen by the sensor. With this, it is easy to detect obstacles and other road users.

Introduction to Car Night Vision System Development

With an improvement in the perception of such system, the car night vision system is using a thermographic camera to enhance its ability to see things in the distance even in the dark. The car night vision system is equally important in poor weather as it helps to improve the overall visibility of drivers. In some premium vehicles, the car night vision system is also optional but at a high price.

This technology is modeled after NVD, also known as night vision devices. This technology is known to denote optical devices with electronic enhancement, which operate typically in 3 modes such as:
  1. Image enhancement
  2. Active illumination
  3. Thermal imaging.

Also, it is important to know that the NVD system is working with the integration of several innovative technologies in one place to ensure accurate object detection and capturing on the dashboard. These technologies include GPS, Infrared cameras, Radar, Lidar and more.

The Benefits of Car Night Vision System

The car night vision comes with quite a lot of benefits that are worthy of note, which are the reason why most luxury cars are providing this optional. Among the benefits associated with this system you need to know are:
  1. Helps in detecting obstacles on the way
  2. Improves night vision for drivers at night and in bad weather, thus reducing auto crash and accident
  3. Detect objects beyond 50 meters away
  4. Illuminate objects beyond headlamp coverage

An Innovative Car Night Vision - Lanmodo Night Vision System

In the automotive world today, the night vision technology is exclusively inbuilt in the luxury cars, and they mainly monochrome images (black and white), which are not appealing to watch, with very low resolution. But, the Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system offers a full-color image, 1080P resolution, and 45-degree vision angle. In addition, the price of Lanmodo night vision system is lower than the one found in the luxury car brands. So, you can be sure of saving up to 50% of the cost of night vision found in luxury cars when you go for the Lanmodo brand.

Another good reason why the Lanmodo night vision is better than the other luxury brands is that it is made suitable for most kinds of vehicles. The night vision can fit into more than 99 percent car models. Besides, it is also very easy to install, making it the choice of all car owners who want to improve night vision.
Another thing with the night vision system of the Lanmodo brand is that it comes for the front and rear view. The night rear view is known designed to offer a whopping 1080 pixels in image resolution. With this, you will get a clear rear view while on the go. To make sure you enjoy long lasting with your night vision system, the camera of the rear view is made to function perfectly during the rainy season due to the waterproof feature.

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