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Top 4 Accident Avoidance Systems to Install in Your Car

Jul 1, 2021, 4:42 pm / Richard

Accident avoidance systems use a variety of safety technologies to help prevent and lessen the occurrence and severity of accidents. These systems send a warning to the driver when a situation that might lead to an accident is detected and can take action autonomously when need be, without any sort of input from the driver. These systems have been in the market for quite some time now and there is no doubt that cars with such safety features makes the driver drive safely. These systems are totally the new cool and for your ease we have come up with a list of systems that we suggest you MUST install in your car for a pleasant and safe driving experience.

Car night vision system

Car night vision systems make use of special cameras to show a better and much clearer view of the road to the driver in poor driving conditions such as night time darkness and adverse for driving weather conditions like rain and fog.

The night vision system, effectively detects and also alerts the driver of obstacles on the dark road that might be a cause of accident and some systems can also take automated actions to prevent the accident. However, most of this system cannot record and save the road journey, yet.

There comes an exceptionally programmed system in the market, Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system. It's a 1080P high resolution system that provides clear full-color images of the area you are driving in for up to 300m ahead, making itself particularly useful at times of less light such as when driving at night on a dimly lit street or in adverse for driving weather conditions such as rain, snow, etc. What makes this system even more attractive is the fact that it can be successfully installed in 99% of cars and is the cheapest driving assistance system out there. This might be the reason why it is the number 1 recommendation of most drivers all over the world for a better and safer driving experience.

Blind spot monitor

Blind spot monitors are the latest technology of driving assistance systems. It is a vehicle based sensor device that detects and warn drivers about vehicles or obstacles present in the driver's side and rear side of the car- two of the blind spots that result in most accidents because of the inability of the driver to not see clearly at these areas.

These monitors send a warning to the driver in the form of either flashing a light at the peripheral vision of the driver or my audible sounds, when it sees a vehicle too close to the car at these spots and that can otherwise be a cause of accident. This helps the driver to be alerted at the right time and move the vehicle to a safer distance from the other vehicle.

Even though, these monitors can effectively alert the driver of any such dangers, they cannot take automatic actions to get out of harm's way and require input from driver to take the necessary action.

Traction control

Traction control system is an electronic system that prevents and lessens slippage of cars on road due to misbalance between the tires. It uses wheel sensors to identify if all the wheels are not spinning at the same speed and can be a cause of spin-out of the car. The system then takes action to bring all the driven wheels to the same pace of spin as to avoid accidents.

The system is very effective in preventing burnouts and spin outs specially on wet roads but it does not work great while driving in conditions of snow or mud because in such conditions all tires lose grip and start spinning which results in the traction control system cutting out the engine and bringing the car to a stop, hence it is not good for driving in such conditions. To combat this the traction control system comes with a turn off switch.

Left turn crash avoidance

This system monitors traffic when the driver turns left across traffic at low speeds such as at traffic lights, traffic jams,etc. It activates warning sounds and dash lights as a form of warning when it senses a situation that can lead to a collision while making a left turn. The system then applies brake to slow down the car while taking the left turn in such situation and prevent bumping into another car.

This system, however, is incompatible when it comes to cars moving at high speeds as it does not effectively perform at high speeds.

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