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Time to Add Affordable Night Vision to Your Car!

Jul 1, 2021, 4:52 pm / Abigail Williams

There are numerous difficulties that drivers are prone to face just after it gets dark, whether it's the blurry road sights, unexpected pedestrians or the wild-life species in front of your car. Yet after the acknowledgement of all these factors leading towards increasing rates of road accidents, the question arises—is there any solution for a better and clearer vision for drivers? The answer is yes, but the option is limited to purchasing a high budget luxury car that comes with night vision feature.

Fortunately, Lanmodo Vast Pro Car Night Vision Camera enters the market by providing the most appropriate options for the ease of drivers. Lanmodo has introduced a complete package which is affordable, provides an amplified vision of darker roadside areas and can be easily installed even in an old truck.

1. Differences between Lanmodo Device and In-Built Car Night Vision System

  1. Technology Used

Lanmodo system:

Lanmodo car night vision camera works on the principle of low-light imaging. The main advantage of this feature is to capture the wide-angle road views in daylight as well as in starlight. The camera possesses an image intensifier that helps in amplifying the available light, including street light and moonlight, and therefore increases the visibility for drivers on the road. Once the light enters objective lens, intensified version of the original image will be shown on the screen. The only disadvantage of low-light imaging is if exposed to strong light like high beam or sun glare, it will show temporary white image, and the real situation can't be recognized.

In-built system:

Cars which are able to detect thermal radiations work on the principle of the passive automotive night vision system. It can easily detect any object emitting heat radiation including animals and walkers. The only disadvantage of this system is if an object has the same temperature as the surrounding, it will be unable to detect. While the other cars which possess an in-built night vision system have active automotive night vision system which deals with infra-red light and can detect objects which are far from the reach of a naked eye. But the system is not efficient as infra-red light can lead to night blindness due to high beam lights as well as this system cannot cope up with harsh climatic conditions.

  1. Installation

Lanmodo system:

Lanmodo has given the users an additional facility by inventing a self-contained system. It is independent and does not require any supplementary support from the vehicle. Lanmodo system comes in nicely arranged small mobile like box which has portable wires, suction cup and sticky pad (for mounting the camera on car's dashboard), screws and a screwdriver for placing the parts appropriately. It takes just minutes to install the system to your car and then you can enjoy its features.

In-built system:

In-built car night vision systems, as its name suggests, is built into the vehicle system, which means it requires professional help to install system,which cost quite a lot. Besides, in-built system only works according to the feature of car model, whereas Lanmodo has given the users an additional convenience.

  1. Application

Lanmodo system:

Lanmodo Vast Pro car night vision camera is a self-contained system; it is designed in a way that all the users can install it easily in any sort of car. The system possesses the quality of being self-dependent which is a bonus point contributing to transforming it into an affordable night vision.

In-built system:

Lanmodo gives the ease of getting installed easily in any sort of car; comparatively, the in-built night vision systems are restricted to a single series of the same model car, and can't be easily removed.

2. Powerful Features of Lanmodo Car Night Vision Camera

  1. 1080P, full-color image

The front-facing camera of Lanmodo Vast night vision system assists in the production of better and clear quality images of the places which are unable to be detected by naked eyes even when the headlights are on. The image formed on the 8” IPS screen is 1080P, enables the drivers to have high-quality image of the road in order to analyse the unpredictable road conditions. Besides, the image is in full-color rather than black-and-white, so it's more friendly to human eyes and doesn't cause eye strain.

  1. 45-degree angle vision, long view distance

The camera also allows a 45º angle view, enables the driver to have a more comprehensive knowledge of the road condition. Besides, its night vision distance extends up to 300m, helps driver see further than car headlights.

Hence the time has come when drivers should opt for an affordable night vision system which provides drivers with an amplified vision of roads. Lanmodo affordable night vision camera comes with a bag full of such benefits which will result in a safe and better driving experience.

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