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The Latest Night Vision System for Cars You Should Know

Mar 25, 2019, 9:09 am / Richard

How many of you have driven your car at night time and massively inclement weather conditions like rainy and foggy days and found that extremely difficult to see the road ahead or have had cold feet while doing so? Well, it is not a very rare occurrence. Bad weather is pretty common, especially in the northern parts of Europe and driving at night can add to the difficulty. In fact, many consider night driving dangerous. There is a supporting census as well, which depicts that maximum car or vehicular accidents occur at night. Limited vision, improperly lit roads, rash driving are some of the most pertinent causes. Therefore, any driving safety assistance system in such a situation can only serve as a boon. A automotive night vision system serves this purpose excellently. It gives the driver a widened and well-lit, high-quality view of what lies ahead, irrespective of the amount of light and the inclemency.

The cameras and the displaying screens of the automotive night vision system are in amazing resolutions and drivers can use the images as references. Any obstruction will be prematurely visible and necessary adjustments can be made so that accidents and other related inconveniences can be avoided. Taking all these points into consideration, the automotive night vision system can be considered as an absolute necessity while driving at night. There are quite a few pieces of such equipment available in the market these days but it is important that you identify the best among the given choice. Lanmodo night vision system for car is definitely a pioneer in this respect. Just scroll down to know more about it.

Lanmodo Automotive Night Vision System- the Most Portable and Advancing Night Vision System for Cars

It is true that Lanmodo has been in the industry for some time. In fact, it started only in 2015 and its first product was the multifunctional car tent, but the amount of innovation and advancement that has been brought along with it in such a short time has helped it to occupy a large chunk of this market of car night vision systems. The 1080P resolution based high definition Lanmodo Automotive Night Vision System was launched as recently as 2018 and has been highly appreciated by customers and critics alike. It has the following features that are sure going to make everyone sit up and watch out for them:
  1. Screen- One equipment that makes the Lanmodo NVS a clear winner in contrast to others in a similar territory is the kind of screen it sports. The size is 8.2 inches, which is larger than most other standard devices. Along with being conveniently bigger, the display is a high definition at 1080P and the image it shows are full color, giving it a crystal clear outlook.
  2. Cameras- Before starting to speak about the cameras, the first point that should be kept in mind is that they are water-resistant. Therefore, they are functional in all weathers and are sufficiently durable, whatever the situation might be. The front night vision camera has a viewing angle of 36 degrees, which covers a wide area. The visibility extends to as far as 300 meters. So you get a fair forewarning as you can know the road situation in advance via the image it shows if there are any obstacles on the way. It gives you a lot of time to react as well. Even the back camera is at 720P, which has a lot of clarity as well. This is particularly important when you are a reversing the car. Thus, both together, make a really deadly pair and adds on as an extra protection.
  3. Vibrant colors- Generally, most of the In-built Night Vision Systems have a black and white display but the normalcy is broken here as well as Lanmodo came up with an IPS screen that can display a large number of colors. They have gone one better than grayscale and the presence of colors helps you see the images in an exactly same way as it is outside. In short, it makes things clearer.
  4. Expense- In simpler terms, a night vision system comes as a piece of inbuilt equipment in luxury car and it seemed like an expensive thing, not affordable to the financially normal class. All these concepts changed with Lanmodo automotive night vision system as it served all the purposes and was priced at a 20% lesser rate than others. It didn't have to come pre-attached, it could be installed as additional hardware in 99% of the cars, harping on its diverse utility.
It must have become quite clear now that if you install the Lanmodo 1080P night vision safe driving assistant in your car, you can drive around at night with little or no tension at all, as things will appear clearer and chances of an accident reduce remarkably. There are even thousands of happy users who have vouched for the equipment and hope that will serve as a potent testimony.

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