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The Best Selling Car Gadgets in the Market

Jun 30, 2021, 7:37 pm / Evelyn Smith

Before buying a car, an individual often consider many factors in order to make the right decision. Similarly, after making the purchase, the right kind of protection is necessary to keep the car safe. There are many car protecting gadgets and safe driving assistant systems available in the market to provide you a secure and comfortable driving experience while extending the life of your vehicle.

Car Cover

When we park our car in an open space, there are high chances that the harmful UV rays will damage the car. Not only the sunlight but the changing weather conditions can also cause your car to lose its class and shine. There are many brands in the market offering car covers, but choosing the right one with the best features is very important. Few of the brands are:
  1. Leader Accessories Car Cover: This car cover comes with buckles and straps that protects the car in extreme windy conditions. Its breathable material with repel moisture keeps the car dry and protects if from dust, dirt and bird droppings. But its traditional design requires a person to install and remove it manually, increasing the human effort.
  2. Audew Car Cover: It comes in many designs, making the car look unique and stand out from the rest. It is specially designed to reduce heat and stops UV rays and rain from entering. It also protects the car's paint job from fading and seats from cracking. But its installing process is time consuming and also can be hectic.
  3. Lanmodo Multifunctional Car Tent: This innovative car cover is considered one of the best in the market. It not only protects the car from sunlight, rain, falling objects but also its automatic design saves the time and provides convenience to the users. By using the remote to operate the car tent, you saves time and energy. Beside protecting the cars, it can also be used for outdoor umbrella to provide protection to your family.

Dash Cam

Dash cam is an essential device which allows you to detect incidents on the road, making your drive secure and safe. It records the complete car journey which will give you an evidence in case of any mishap. The recording is stamped with time and location which lets you know exactly when and where what happened. There are number of dash cams available in the market, each of which have different number of features. A person can choose the best one based on their preferences and needs.
  1. Garmin Dash Cam 55: It is an easy to use driving recorder with a wide angle lens. It includes GPS to detect the exact location and time of every incident. Also, through its voice control technology you can manage this device and give commands even with your hands on the wheel. Despite all of this, its 2.0" LCD does not provide you a very fine image quality.
  2. Z-Edge Dash Cam: It provides you a high quality footage as it records in Ultra 2.7K HD technology and captures everything in detail. Moreover, its 3.0" wide screen never lets you miss a single detail during your journey. Its motion detection technology automatically records and saves footage as soon as the car's engine starts till it switches off. However, Z-Egde Dash Cam is not an ideal option if the person wants to detect the time and location of every incident, as it does not include GPS technology.

Car Night Vision System

Car night vision systems are designed to detect and inform about the possible hazards that can cause a collision. If the light on the road is the not sufficient, this sensors might come handy. When the weather makes it difficult for you to see ahead, the night vision system can alarm you about the physical surrounding by analyzing the pressure, heat, motion, light or any other phenomena that can cause an accident. You can get a car with an in-built night vision system or can also purchase a separate one and install it in your car manually:
  1. In-Built Night Vision System: This kind of sensor alerts the driver about the nearby environment factors that can affect the car or may lead to an accident. But this night vision system is considered to be expensive as compare to the other options available in the market, as well as provides low quality images in only black and white color.
  2. Lanmodo Vast Pro: Lanmodo's night vision system has 1080P resolution which reflects a real life experience with colorful images. In addition to this, it covers almost 300m distance, alerting the driver in advance, as well as, can fit in any type of car model. This car night vision system stands out from the rest because of its easy installation process and affordability.

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