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The Amazing Device that Adds Super Night Vision to Any Vehicle

Jul 1, 2021, 4:48 pm / Richard

For the ease of mankind, several technologies have been invented. When it comes to facilitating the drivers and enhance driving safety, the need for a car night vision system has become the centre of attraction. Lanmodo car night vision system serves the purpose of providing road visuals for the drivers and makes it easier for them to be aware of all the upcoming and present hurdles they can face while driving.

Beneficial Features of Lanmodo Night Vision System

Following are the certain beneficial features of this automotive night vision system that makes it stand out among all the other recent inventions.

1. Applicable to almost all vehicles

The main characteristic of Lanmodo Vast that makes it outstanding among the category of night vision systems is that it is a self-contained system and independent to the vehicle because it has its own screen and camera. With this feature, it is portable and applicable to almost all vehicles.

It has similar packaging as some mobile phone packaging, comprised of the parts which are easy to be interlinked with the help of user manual provided. Once the parts are placed at the right positions it can be installed easily and allow the user to gain full advantage from this system.

The night vision system can be installed by using two different techniques. The first method includes the use of suction cup which enables highly secured installation. This method can be favourable for those users who prefer to have a display at the central position or are in search of discarding the rear-view mirror. The second method of installation features the use of a non-slip mat, which is attached on the dashboard and then one can simply fix the car night vision camera on it. These mats are more suitable in comparison to the suction cups as it allows the handy installation and easy placement of the cam system.

2. 1080P, full-colour night vision

The system works on the principle of low-light imaging, which allows the user to have a clear and complete view of the roads even in dark conditions. The positioned lens has the specification of 7G full glass with 8'' IPS screen, which enables the drivers to have 1080P, quality colored image of the road in order to judge the condition of traffic.

3. 45° Vision, Night View Distance up to 300m/984ft

The in-built lens captures a wide-angle vision of 45° , thus covering larger area of the driving lane than human eyes and normal car headlights. This helps the driver by presenting a broader picture of the road so that he or she can avoid the occurrence of road accidents. The broader vision can also help in catching the rays of headlights of other vehicles that are coming from a greater distance, therefore works as an alarming agent to warn the driver and to manage the speed limits accordingly. The night vision feature is extended up to 300m/984ft which will alert the driver in advance about any upcoming hurdle.

4. Used in rainy and foggy weather

The Lanmodo car night vision system is enabled with the feature of being used even in unfavourable climatic conditions. The temperature required for the optimum functionality of the device is limited to is -4°F to 176°F. What's more, it can see through rain, so drivers will not be disturbed by rain drops on the windshield and keep safe driving. Lanmodo car night vision camera also functions well in foggy weather, which is of great help to drivers.

5. The optional night rear-view camera

The device has also been designed with the future of an optical rear-view camera for clear back view when it's dark outside. The camera has an angle of 170° which is wider enough for covering a broader surface area. Besides, the camera is IP67 waterproof, capable of functioning properly even on rainy days. With its 1080P high definition image, drivers will back up their cars more easily.

Hence, enormous features summarizing the working ability of Lanmodo night vision system, including the provision of clearer night visuals, easy installation methods, affordable price range and becoming an option of ease for the drivers on road to prevent accident risks.

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