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Searching for the Affordable Night Vision System for your Car? Try Lanmodo!

Jun 30, 2021, 7:58 pm / Richard

According to a census by the European Commission of the Automobile Industry, over 50% accidents occur during night. The same study also shows that on an average, there are 60% less traffic during the night. This is completely disproportionate in relation to the number of accidents that occur between dusk to dawn.

Car night vision can help significantly reduce such accidents by displaying clear image of the road situation at night. Traditional headlights have an illuminating range of 180ft, which is actually not enough for drivers to take precaution measure. While night vision systems are a true lifesaver and can help see objects much further away. The Lanmodo affordable night vision helps protect you from accidents and make your nightly drive smooth and stress-free.

1. Affordable

If you're contemplating adding a night vision system to your car but not break the bank, choose Lanmodo, it hands down one of the most affordable night vision systems you can find in the market. It outperforms a number of night vision systems priced at $2500 and above in terms of picture quality. With a view to making car safety more affordable, Lanmodo Vast night vision system is priced at just $459. Despite the price, the Lanmodo system comes with every feature that you need and more.

2. Portable and easy installation

Currently most car night vision is built into the luxury cars, which means that it must be installed by professionals and cannot be removed once installed. While the Lanmodo affordable night vision system is extremely portable because itself is a complete system with base, camera and display screen.

It can be attached to car dashboard with the non-slip mat or to the windshield by suction cup. In either cases, you can simply plug in the system to the ODB adapter or the cigarette lighter, making it very convenient to use. The whole installation process takes just 5 minutes and your car is transformed into a safer option. Being portable, you can simply unplug and move it to any other vehicle you may be driving.

3. 1080P, full-color image

The image produced by the Lanmodo camera is truly gorgeous and true to life because it adopts 7G full glass lens, able to catch 1080P high resolution image in pitch-black environment. Besides, the image is in full color, so it reflects the real situation.Whenever you are driving at night, you will get high quality pictures of the road ahead, thus preventing accidents.

4. 8-inch IPS screen, not cause eye strain

The 8-inch IPS screen helps to prevent straining of the eye trying to look at a tiny screen. The screen gives you clear pictures and prevents distractions. With 1080p full color pictures, you don't get the confusing infrared images of many other night vision systems. You see what you would in perfect lighting conditions.

5. 45-degree angle vision, long view distance

The use of the 45-degree vision works to give you unmatched visibility of the road, it is a balance between vision angle and visible distance. Because too small angle can't catch broad view while too large angle leads to shorter visible distance. With a whopping night vision distance of 300m, you can know what is coming your way well ahead. This gives you ample time to prevent accidents from happening, keeping you and your car safer.

6. Works in different weather conditions

Whether you are out in the dark or in rainy or foggy weather, the Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system produces crystal clear pictures. To top it all off, it works in weather conditions from -20degrees Celsius to 80degrees Celsius.

With such a great range of features, the affordable night vision system from Lanmodo is totally worth it. If you are looking for a night vision system for your car, look no further.

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