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Safeguard Yourself Against Night Driving Dangers with Lanmodo Night Vision Car Camera

Jul 1, 2021, 5:14 pm / Abigail Williams

Night driving is a completely different phenomenon than day driving. This is primarily because of the difference in lighting conditions. According to statistics, 60% of accidents happen at night. Driving at night is usually associated with more dangers. So what can you do to be safe while driving at night?

A night vision camera for car is the solution that will help you to overcome the challenges of night driving. One such product is the Lanmodo vast night vision camera. It will free you of the worries and keep you safe and sound while driving at night. Keep reading to find out more about the night vision device and how it helps drivers.

Exterior & Design

The Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision camera comes with a display screen measuring 8”. Additionally, it also comprises of a quarter-inch bezel that is placed around the edges. The topside of the screen comes with 6 analog buttons that help you to control the device.

There is a front-facing camera sitting in the middle of the unit, on the backside of the device. You can adjust the angle of the camera by slightly moving the lens. The camera is using a 7-layer full glass lens to capture high-resolution images and then the chip inside forwards the images to the screen.

Installation & Application

What makes Lanmodo stand out from all the other products is the ease of installation. Though the camera does a wonderful job of enhancing the driver's vision, its installation is a breeze. Anyone can install it in just a few simple steps. There are 2 ways to install the night vision system in your car.

  1. With a non-slip mat: If you are going to use this method to install the device, then first fix the system on to the non-slip mat. The mat can then be attached to the dashboard. Once done, connect the night vision system to the cigarette lighter or OBD adapter with the cable.
  2. With a suction cup: In this method, you need to first hook the car vision system to the suction cup. You can then attach the cup to the windshield. Now connect the Lanmodo system to the OBD adapter or cigarette lighter.

What's more, the Lanmodo night vision camera for car fits most cars, so you can just buy one for your different vehicles.

Key Features

The features of the Lanmodo Vast Pro system are its strengtsh and they make it one of the most useful gadgets for night drivers. Let us see what the features are.

1080P night vision

Displaying the images in high resolution of 1080P, the Lanmodo Vast Pro car night vision camera reflects the actual situation on the road. With the colored images of the road, you can perceive what lies ahead and take precautionary measures as needed. The Lanmodo night vision system is based on active infrared technology and works by magnifying the light. The vision of the camera extends up to 984ft, which is far more than the car's headlights.

The large 8 inch IPS screen makes it easier for you to view the road without any distraction. It also displays on-time image to enable the driver to know the objects lying ahead. The IPS screen is friendly to the eyes and adds color richness to the images. Thus you can easily distinguish the people and objects that you see.

45-degree wide-angle

Another brilliant feature of the Lanmodo night vision camera is the 45-degree wide-angle camera. With this feature, you can perceive a broader image of the road ahead and know the potential hazards in advance.

Useful in bad weather

While the Lanmodo night vision car camera is a blessing for night drivers, it can also be a great assistant if you are driving in bad weather conditions. Be it a foggy day, or rainy weather, you can use the Lanmodo camera and drive safely.

You can also benefit from the 170-dgeree wide-angle rearview camera of this product. It displays the images in 1080P and helps you to know what lies at the rear of your vehicle.


The Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision camera for car acts like a powerful pair of eyes for your car. It improves your night vision drastically to show you a clear picture of the road ahead. Thus, you can avoid the potential dangers on the road.

This night vision system is extremely affordable and can be used with 99% of the car models, unlike the high-end devices that can only be used with specific cars. If you undertake night driving often, this gadget surely deserves a place in your car.

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