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Road Trip in the USA: What's The Best Tip?

Jul 1, 2021, 5:04 pm / Abigail Williams

USA is a country filled with some of the most amazing landscapes, sceneries and habitat in the world! Going on a road trip across any of the numerous famous routes is something that a lot of people dream of doing. If you are planning to go to such a trip then you are in for a big treat, regardless of the route you choose. We are sharing some of the most popular road trips in USA and we will also let you know how to prepare for these trips to make them safe and comfortable! So let us dive right in and see what the USA has to offer to road trip goers.

Top 5 popular road trips

Road trip routes Introduction
Pacific Coast Highway If you want to go for a trip that takes through the changing diversity of American landscape then there is no better road trip in the USA than the Pacific Coast Highway. It takes you all the way from San Francisco to San Diego. On the way you get to enjoy a wide range of beautiful landscapes, sights and key locations.
The Loneliest Road This is one of the most iconic sections of HW 50, crossing through the state of Nevada as you see almost no signs of life in either side of the road and there are only mountains, landscape and the wide-open sky to accompany you!
Historic Route 66 This 2400 mile highway is a seriously iconic road trip in the USA and it is also one of the most traveled routes. The trip is an adventure filled experience as you get to see how it became the main traveling route for people of all backgrounds almost 100 years ago!
The Great River Road Some call it one of the best drives to have in the USA as you get to follow the Mississippi River and travel across some incredibly beautiful landscapes and enjoy amazing foods and accommodations as well.
Overseas Highway This road trip is also quite popular and in 127 miles you get to enjoy a very unique trip that takes you over the famous seven mile bridge, a thing of spectacular beauty and an engineering marvel! Of course, the views are also mind blowing throughout the trip!

The guide of packing list

Items Why is it needed?
First aid kit This one is pretty self-explanatory and every vehicle should have a first aid kit to deal with any kind of problem one may face on the road with the well-being of the travelers.
Tire sealant / Puncture kit Having a full service kit for your tires is important. You never know when a puncture may end up happening so always be prepared.
Tool kit A basic toolkit is absolutely necessary to deal with any minor car issues, especially when you are in the middle of nowhere.
Tow cable Towing cables are a real life saver when you get stuck and need to ask help from any passerby.
Water gallon Water is essential, not just to you but your car as well. Always keep a couple of gallons of water handy when going on a road trip.

Safe driving tips

Tips Introduction
Plan your route with map and GPS This is a very important road trip safety tip, especially when night driving is involved as you don't want to get lost in an unknown area.
Have good rest and don't drive when tired Not following this road trip safety tip has often led to some serious accidents so make sure you do not ignore this tip!
Know about the road rules While this doesn't need any explaining, we highly recommend that only a person familiar with rules should drive the car.
Consider using night vision system Long trips often have night driving involved and having a good night vision system can really make a huge difference when traveling at night. If you do not have this feature built in, you should definitely consider buying a product such as Lanmodo Vast Pro. Most

third party solutions are either too expensive or less than capable but Lanmodo Vast has shown incredible capability paired with a reasonable price tag.

So are you ready to take that big trip you have always wanted to go on? Well you know what prep you need to do now so what are you waiting for?

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