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Review of Lanmodo Night Vision Camera Tested on Tesla Model 3

May 4, 2020, 3:07 pm / Lara

I had always heard rave reviews about the Tesla Model 3 car, and finally, I got to lay my hands on it. I also decided to try the Lanmodo car night vision camera, whose remarkable technology has left everyone thoroughly excited. Now I’ gonna share with you all my experiences when I went out for a drive and tried the Lanmodo night vision system on my brand-new Tesla Model 3 .

1. Unboxing the camera

I was really excited to receive the product, and I must say that the outer packaging is quite good and sturdy. The box is strong enough to protect the camera from any external damage. Unboxing the package isn’t a tough job at all. Once you open it, you can see how carefully the items have been packed.

First, you find a non-skid pad on top, which is used to fix the system on your car’s dashboard. Next, the camera unit is packed in a separate plastic pouch protector and has foam support on all sides for extra cushioning. Once again, the packaging is very good and keeps the machinery safe. The camera comes with a screen protector. The set of accessories are neatly packed in a separate box. These accessories consist of a suction cup mount, power cords, a base, screwdriver, and even an extra screw. Installing it in the car is very easy, and you can easily do it with the help of the instruction manual that comes with the box. I found it absolutely hassle-free.

2. Driving at night becomes so easy

Now coming to the actual part, I felt this is genuinely a path-breaking invention for people who often go for long drives at night or have to travel for uncertain hours due to work. This camera does not use any thermal imaging system but amplifies low light to give you clear images at night when you are driving. Usually, by night images, we think of horribly distorted and grainy images that are of no use, but this one is a revolutionary driving aid where the resolutions of the images are extremely good. You can adjust the height, rotation, angle of the camera, and also the brightness, contrast, and color of the images.

The size of the unit is also just perfect. It is not too big and does not take up a lot of space on your dashboard and front screen. It is also not so tiny that you need to strain your eyes and look closely while driving. The size is just a portion bigger than the rear-view mirror and gives a wide view of the vision in front. It sits perfectly on the dashboard of the Tesla Model 3 and is located just below your eye level, so you can easily look at the screen.

You can see an obvious difference in the images when the headlights are turned on and when they are turned off. Even with the lights off, you can get a very bright and distinct image of the road in front of you. When the headlights on, you get a better picture with greater resolution. The images that the camera offers you in real-time are in 1080p, and the most amazing, in full color. The camera has an in-built low light magnification system that takes the smallest amount of light available and amplifies it to a great extent and projects it.

The HD resolution picture quality will just leave you thoroughly impressed, and I understand why people are praising it so much. I really enjoyed driving with this Lanmodo night vision camera, and it has made me feel safer and more equipped on the road in the dark than before. Although you need to understand that this device is just an assistant, just take a glace at it occasionally, instead of sticking your eyes on it.

Here are some of the points that I give a thumbs-up:

  1. Great packaging and easy to install.
  2. Perfect size of the camera.
  3. 1080P image quality is mind-blowing.
  4. Gives perfect view of the road even when the headlights are off.
  5. Very helpful even in pitch dark conditions on the road.

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