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Night Vision Assistant: A Must-have Gadget for Night Driving

Jun 30, 2021, 7:55 pm / Evelyn Smith

Night driving safety has always been a popular topic since the appearance of vehicles and people never stop pursuing safety. It is well-known that driving at night is much difficult, that's when a night vision assistant comes to the rescue. It is a researched fact that more accidents occur at night although there is less driving at night. This happens due to low light conditions prevailing on the roads.

What is a night vision assistant?

A night vision assistant is a feature that is mostly present in high-end vehicles. It allows you to see the road and pedestrians while driving at night under poor lighting.

A night vision system increases your safety as it enhances your vision. It helps you to see beyond your car's headlight and perceive the possible road hazards in advance. An infrared camera is used in the night vision system which is integrated into the vehicle's design.

Lanmodo super night vision assistance system

Lanmodo night vision assistance system is a driving assistant that can help you to drive safely at night. Unlike the in-built night vision systems, it is affordable and very efficient. The vision extends up to 300m beyond the car's headlight so that you know what the exact road situation ahead is. It is packed with some wonderful features. Let us see how these features can benefit the drivers.

  1. 1080P Full-color Image

The ability to see the road is greatly decreased due to the poor lighting conditions, this causes many accidents at night. Here is when the Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision assistant can be of great help to night drivers. The Lanmodo assistant comes with a full-color image with a resolution of 1080p, unlike other systems that provide a black and white image. A high-resolution image will enable you to visualize the situation better and take the necessary precaution while driving. The color image reflects the real road situation to you, thus giving you a fair idea of what lies ahead.

  1. 8.2-inch IPS Screen

This night vision assistant adopts low-light imaging technology and displays the road on an 8 inch IPS screen. The presence of 7G full glass lens and infrared optical filter gives clear and bright images. The big-screen display causes no distraction to the driver. One more advantage of a big screen is that you can see the road easily without any strain on your eyes. Thus, keeping you safe and sound while driving at night.

  1. Applicable to nearly all cars

All the existing night vision systems are only available for a few high-end luxury cars. However, everyone has the right to safe night driving. And so, the Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision assistance system applies to 99% of the cars. This makes it affordable for a large number of the population who have to often drive at night.

  1. Easy installation & operation

There are no complex procedures involved in installing the Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision assistant. You can easily install it yourself with one of the two methods. The first method is to fix the camera on to a non-slip mat and then attach the mat to the dashboard. The second way to install it is by hooking it on to suction cup and then attaching the cup to the windshield. Once the system is fixed, operating it is simple too. You can connect the system to the cigarette lighter or an OBD adapter with the cable provided. And you are ready to go!

  1. An optional night rear-view camera

Along with the front camera, Lanmodo also provides an optional rear-view camera. This camera sports a 170-degree wide-angle which is better than many other built-in systems. The camera is waterproof and can function well even in rainy weather conditions. It provides an image in 1080p high resolution so that you can have a clear back view of the car.

The Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system is a great technological innovation that can help many night drivers to remain safe. It helps you to envision the road situation, giving out every detail well in advance. Thus, you can plan your move and avoid accidents and collisions.

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