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Must-have Night Driving Essentials: What Are They?

Aug 6, 2019, 4:45 pm / Brian Lageose

Oftentimes, people enjoy driving at night because of how quiet the road is in the dark. However, it becomes quite difficult to drive at night because vision is usually impaired in the darkness. Statistics show that 40% of the road collisions happen during the night. As a driver, safety should come first and especially at night time. When you need to drive at night, below are important essentials you should take with.

First Aid kit

This is the most essential kit you shouldn't miss in your car at all times. Although no one ever anticipates an accident, it is ideal to have a first aid kit and know how to use it. This is in case you witness an accident and you are in a position to save someone's life by administering basic first aid. Not only that, but you can also use the first aid kit on yourself when the need arises. It aids in dealing with danger caused by night driving accidents.

Most accidents end up with bleeding and burns. For bleeding, ensure you fasten the wound with padding and bandage from the first aid kit to prevent further loss of blood. Burns usually require cold, non-toxic liquid or clean water. By performing these procedures, you greatly reduce the pain and the potential health damage that may occur due to the accident. Therefore, having a first aid kit is quintessential for your night travels.

Automotive Night Vision Device

Most accidents that occur at night are usually due to the low visibility on the road. It becomes quite difficult seeing the road signs and everything happening on the road when it is dark. That is why some drivers improve the illumination on their headlights using high output LED lights. While this may work for some drivers, those who opt for an automotive night vision device greatly improve their driving safety in the dark. The car night vision systems help the driver to see the road ahead to avoid accidents. However, most of these systems on the market provide black and white images with a narrow viewing angle.

Fortunately, there is the Lanmodo Vast night vision system that is different from the rest. This system presents various features that greatly augment the way you see the road at night. First off, it provides 1080P full HD resolution and a full-color image to display the real road situation. This way, you can see the road as it is from the system. What's more, you get to see the distance up to 300 meters ahead in a 36-degree HD wide-angle vision that presents a broader view of the road. When you notice danger ahead, you have enough distance to think of your next action and prevent a collision. The best part is that the Lanmodo Vast night vision system is compatible with 99% of car models around the globe. All the people using this system report that they have greatly improved the way they drive at night.


Since you are traveling at night, a flashlight is important. A flashlight presents useful convenience in a small unit that illuminates your path. When you step out from your car at night, you need something to show you the way or find your lost items in the boot or on the ground. You can also use the flashlight in the car to find lost or misplaced items under the car seats or check the condition of car parts. Flashlights don't occupy too much space and are easy to use in any type of situation.


A GPS device is one that aids in navigating through routes with so much ease. This ensures that you know your location and prevents you from getting lost. Having a GPS in your car will provide the quickest routes as well as clear directions to arrive safely and at the right time. Besides, the device comes loaded with plenty of landmarks to navigate easily through unfamiliar grounds.

Water and Food

Whether you are driving a short or long distance, having food and water in the car is ideal. As we all know, driving while tired and fatigued often causes one to lose concentration on the road and end up causing accidents. Water and food will help the drivers stay awake and pay attention to the road while they drive at night.

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